Is faith a reliable path to knowledge?

I accept your remark, because you are atheist. As an atheist you cannot come to any other conclusion, when pushed.

I'm not ideologically committed to atheism, I have no choice. I have to consider the evidence, which is absent or illegitimate. And you have done nothing to change that. Your arguments are textbook special pleading fallacies.
For a couple of minutes.
What point are you trying to make? Jan.
That you are not interested in an honest discussion of how the mind produces thoughts and how these thoughts can lead you to believe things that are not true.

What are you doing here at all, if you dismiss everyone else's perspectives..

If you cannot give me the courtesy of taking 15 minutes to watch a presentation by a neuroscientist, why should I give you the courtesy of taking you seriously? You are the one who is unable to define your perspective of your mental hallucinations.

You just have your belief and ....end of story? As I suspected you are not here to gain knowledge, but to show the arrogant superiority of your mental hallucination. I've got you pegged now, and further discussion would be a waste of my time.

Ok, if it makes you happy, stay in your hallucination.
sculptor said:
curious: Aside from a soul, can you name anything else that is immaterial and immortal?
Mathematical objects like numbers? The laws of physics?
I'll agree partly with that.

I do agree there are universal mathematical laws of physics (universal constants), but they are based on values and functions, not numbers. Without humans there would be no numbers at all.

Perhaps a philosophical case can be made that Universal Constants are the soul of the universe
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