Is a clone you?

Discussion in 'Biology & Genetics' started by Ender, Apr 14, 2002.

  1. Ender Registered Senior Member

    Is a clone you, just because you both have the same genitic code?
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  3. ninjahamster Registered Member

    i think a clone would only be physically the same in that the identical genetics produces the same physical characteristics.
    i would find it very hard to believe that cloning could produce someone with an identical conciousness and personality.
    i think these things are unique for every individual and so the clone would not be 'you', just someone that looked the same.
    their maybe some similaritys, but i think i no way a copy...
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  5. Avatar smoking revolver Valued Senior Member

    our personality is made by our environment and how we preceive it. for now it can not be cloned
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  7. Eflex tha Vybe Scientist Registered Senior Member


    Environment shapes personality just as much as genetics.

    However, certain twin studies are very intriguing.
  8. Avatar smoking revolver Valued Senior Member

    sure twins are a good case, and while I agree tht certain charecteristics of character can be the same, we are talking here about exact copies

  9. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    Your right Avatar Twins are a good case.

    Natures own version of cloning, a person who before birth, splits.
    So you end up with two people of near identical genetics.
    The only reason why there is any difference between the two people is just because there are two of them, and they get named differently.

    This causes a whole number of changes that wouldn't occur with one person. Like friends that one has and the other doesn't, or differences in schooling or work (since if there was one position only one could fill it forcing the other to be somewhere else)

    Most of the time twins tend to try and show they are an individual and try to be different from one another.

    As for clones... Well here is something:

    If I cloned you today, what age you are now you would have to add onto it for it to be the same as you are now. (So if your 18, you'll be 36 by the time it is 18)

    So a clone although would have the same genetics as a person, wouldn't be of the same age. In fact they will suffer aging far worse, for instance your sample was taken at age 18, that means that there is a high chance that the clone will grow with 18 year old cells, so it's life expectancy will be 18 years less.

    (of course thats if it was a 100% clone, but cloning has to use a few building blocks thrown in. Like for instance an Embryeo from a donor, which can change the genetics overall.)

    There is also the other point, that Men and women are have a majority of genetics derived from their mothers. (afterall a man leaves a little sample, and the woman has to put up with the consequences for months, allowing her physiology to help build the offspring. So although you have genetics shared by your mother and father and their bloodline, your predominantly a part of your mum.
  10. kmguru Staff Member

    Until ones consciousness can be transferred to another brain, everything will remain separate. If we transfer your dying body due to an accident to anither person who is brain dead, you become that person, irrespective of the physical attributes.

    Like "six days", if we can create a fully formed body and want to download the consciousness then you need a clone. Even then it wont work, because the nural network would not be formed without that experience. So, you need a separate computer chip that directs the neural development while you are unconscious. In this case, clone or not, you still can get your mind loaded - the onlt problem is if you were a male and your new body is a female - you will be an instant lesbian.....with phantom dick....

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  11. Eflex tha Vybe Scientist Registered Senior Member


    as far as twin stuides go, two twins raised in seperate households in different parts of the country share TONS of similarities, including choice of profession and choice of spouse.

    As far as clones are concerned, using current technology, a clone produced today would't be an exact copy.
    It would share the Embryo of an outside donor which would most likely affect the overall genetics of the clone in many ways.


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