Information About The Jewish People And Judaism

Ask your local Rabbi.

A few years back I visited a Synagogue to explore Judaism. I had recently been diagnosed with a mental illness and I wanted to learn more about my body, mind, and soul. The visit was nice and I met the community and we liked each other but I was not ready to convert from the Roman Catholic faith to Judaism.
I used to work at one, they had a whole religion section, not to mention a history section. And Judaism has been around a long time.

I have a library near my house. I am sure they have many books on Judaism, and religion in general. Judaism has been around a long time so I could probably find literature about the religion written by people throughout history.
I have been thinking about things and I have decided that I want to remain a Roman Catholic. I do not believe I am Jewish so I do not need to convert to Judaism based on that. Besides that I do not want to give up my belief in Jesus and I do not think I would be happy living completely Kosher.