Getting back to the original topic... "Utopia"?
I think that humanity has gone fundamentally wrong a long time ago. We have invented concepts which have only served to isolate one way of thinking from another. There have been several posts already which have identified and discussed some of these concepts... religion, nationalism, the "western world" and the "eastern world"... all of these are merely dividing lines between people. We cant simply address one of these or another. the point is that ALL of these have contributed in differing ways to the fact that we ARE divided.
We cant enforce one of these over another anymore, because nobody knows anymore what the truth is. Its too late to "wipe the slate clean" and start again.
Having already made the mistake of evolving concepts that divide us, its too late to find out which ones are "true". education cant help because we would only be enforcing one "set" of ideas which we have or will decide is "true". the same is true for enforcement by any other means.

what is "true" has been lost in a welter of IDEAS.

If we see the things which have divided us, ie religion, politics, geographic lines, RACES, as being TOOLS which we have developed in order to reach the point we are at NOW, then we're on the right track. We need to discard them all now, now that we KNOW they were only tools, and start again with the ideas which they have led to.

But wait..... who are "we"? who ARE the people who understand the lessons which have been taught by all of the above dividing influences?

"we".... these are the people who can read and understand everything which has been written here, in this forum, and elsewhere.

"we" are the people who read books written by others, and can honestly say, "yes... i understand that."

"we" are the people who can think about anothers point of view.

"we" are the ones who can see what difficulties others DO have in understanding our point of view, and can understand the fact they they might not be able to.

"we" are the ones who write the music which makes us FEEL one idea at a time.

"we" are the ones who have the means, the know how, and the motivation to set up THIS FORUM, and others, which enable us to talk about how we feel without fear of retribution.

most people here reading this know who "we" are.

"we" is my utopia.