iam new here from Afghanistan

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Thanks my dear friend iam really from afghanistan someone get off me out here but iam happy iam here with yours
Welcome princelove! Just a word of warning, You may not want to post your personal e-mail address. That can lead to trouble.

Welcome. It's good to have you here!
Thanks alot for you information

Which trouble it might have with my email adress?

I would not expect any real trouble here to be honest. But it is still not a good idea. People could come to this site and find it and use it to gather personal information on you. You could get more spam, stalkers, etc. If you click the "edit" button under your post, you can delete it. If you have trouble, you can contact a moderator. Here is a link to a list of all the sites moderators. If they have a green dot next to their name. It means they are currently online and could help you edit it. We would all like to talk with you about living in Afghanistan. It is very good to have someone here from Afghanistan, but we can easily discuss it here on the forum. We do not need your e-mail address. :)
I let the moderators know that it is there so they can remove it if you cannot figure it out. I hope you do not mind me taking the liberty to do this, just trying to look out for you.
Thanks i do it really thanks from you .

where do you live i found you an honest person Where are you from?
Do you speak Dari?

Chi hal dari?
Khushhal az mulaghat ba shoma

Thats all I know :D
Thanks i know dari

tashakor ma khob hastom

ma ham khoshahal astom ba shoma?

Where are you from and how did you learn these words?
Thanks i know dari

tashakor ma khob hastom

ma ham khoshahal astom ba shoma?

Where are you from and how did you learn these words?


I'm from India. I had an Afghani colleague in the US and her 5 year old daughter used to teach me her language

Unfortunately I only met her a few times so I've forgotten most of it.:p

How is Kabul these days?
Tashakor shoma az hindostan hastid?

The situation of kabul is good nowdays?

how is the situation of India?
Yes i study in 12 class

you know dari good i aprreciate you

How old are you?

I'm very very ancient.

No I don't know Dari, sorry, just a few phrases here and there, and I can only recognise many of the words because they are like Arabic and Urdu. I always wanted to learn Persian though to read Ghalib and Khusro. Maybe I should get serious and learn it now. :p

Anyway, welcome to sciforums, we have quite a mixed international crowd here and you should have fun getting to know different points of view.
Thanks for you most wellcomes to me .

if you want to learn persian you can ask me don't shame :)

but you didnot say how old are you?
lol you like amirjan sabori songs. you are perfect

I like western and rap songs too specially the soni negam songs.

do you have the link of soni negam songs in youtube and rap songs write down to me plz
Well I like Tawab Arash too so even though I am not young, I'm not dead lol

Chai and Chillam is a great song, it reminds me of old Pathan numbers


You can find Sonu Nigam on youtube by searching for his name

Some of my Sonu Nigam faves [click on the name to see the video]:

Tanhayee from Dil Chahta Hai

Sab Kuch Bhula Diya from Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam

Kuch Tum Socho from his album, Deewana <--- love this number :p

Zindagi Maut Na Ban Jaaye from Sarfarosh

Mera Rang de Basanti from The Legend of Bhagat Singh

Yaar Mangiyasi from Kaante [this is in Punjabi, do you understand Punjabi?]

Rehna Hai Tera Dil Mein from the movie of the same name

Yeh Bekhudi Deewangi from Tumko Na Bhool Payenge

Ab Mujhe Raat Din from Sangharsh

That should hold you for a while :D

Let me know if there are any particular songs you want.
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