i think therfore your not

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I think therfore i am.
well i'm not a rock am i?
a rock does'nt think but it still is!
How do you know the rock is? Perhaps it's only a figment of your imagination.
How can you prove that the rock exists outside of your own mind?

Does reality exist, or is it a creation of our imaginations?
Do you actually exhist? Just try and prove it. Could even the all knowing God prove to himself that he exhist? Doubtful. And is he even a he?

Well how about this, its a rock, and I think it is, therefore it is.
Wait a sec ...

Are we talking about The Rock? That guy from <i>The Mummy Returns</i>? I'm pretty sure he exists, although the computer-generated version of him at the end of the movie was rather questionable.
The rock

I was rockin'on the rock the other day. Rock on. Yep, I'm sure it exists. Or else me and the rock's gotta talk!
I can prove that I exist. In the often quoted words of Descartes, "I think, therefore I am." The fact that I can think and that I am self-aware is proof that I exist as a mental entity.
You are missing the point. I may be a figment of someone elses imagination, which is why I can never prove that I am a physical entity. But I am self-aware and have control (or the illusion of control, which boils down to the same thing) over my own thoughts, which means I exist as a mental entity.
If I remember correctly, Douglas Adams said that we are all figments of someones imagination (in one of the hitchhikers books). Therefore, if you don't think, can you be not?
Or, how 'bout this? If you think you think, are you?
If you're a figment, how can you "think and therefore I am"? What if the thinker thinking your figment is also a figment? What are you?

Wait a sec.... I think I just lost myself.
I don't think anybody is claiming to be sure that the rock cannot think. The point is I cannot prove that the rock thinks, or that you think, just that I do.
it's nice

it's nice to feel like god even if it is just of your own illusion/reallity

or mine =^)