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Discussion in 'The Cesspool' started by phenom415, Jun 24, 2012.

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    Science is working to record and send signals to monkeys to try and get them to commit to activitivies and commands by copying and resending signals to the brain through eletronic attachments. The human body sends signals from the brain to do basic movements, speech, and thoughts. It is possible to record these signals and resend them wirelessly to the brain using an eltronic device that can cause a muscle to twitch or copying brain activity and resend to copy speech by recording the human voice speaking while mapping what avtivity occurs during that that, thus recording a system the can be used to cover different waves that alter sounds pitches so that they can send and hear rebroadcasted recording of the minds thoughts by matching speech tobrain function. The same can be used for movemnt which would be easier to copy since each person sends the same type of signal to start muscle movement. The body's use of kinetic energy makes this possible and realistic. Does anyone have any information on this technology since the first steps are public to completing this technology posted on utube of monkeys and brain response machines. I thought there is probably someone trying to keep this infpormation more silenced and maybe even rumoring it is impossible to keep it from being found so they can hord the find for personal use. Please post AND SPREAD THE IDEAS, THANKS!!!
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