Human Interaction and Neurochemistry and Electricity


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I am very interested in human behavior as it relates to human proximity. Such as how the neurochemicals and electromagnetic fields (?) of two humans is close proximity effect each other...anyone know of such research.
Particularly when you examine human relationships and you have an individual who's very personality changes in the presence of another. I'm not referring to changing behaviors to fit the situation, to impress or seduce. But as in when one may behave in a certain way when in the presence of a particular individual, seemingly natural responses, and ask themselves "Why am I behaving/feeling/thinking this way?"
What is happening neurochemically and physiologically that is entirely responsive to the mere presence of another individual??
Studies have shown brain reactions in the individuals viewing photos of an individual they are infatuated with. Also shown is the bonding (particularly with women) that occurs due to the neuro chemicals released during orgasm.
How is this applied more broadly and more subtly??
If has to do with the personality firmware within the brain, which defines human nature; humans as a species. An animal, like a lion, would react differently under many circumstances since its firmware are different; characteristic of its species.

The easiest way to visualize this is with an analogy. The firmware is empty at birth and are analogous to seeds. Seeds contain the genetic instructions for the seed to unfold and grow all the way to maturity with flowers and fruit. The same is true with the firmware, which start like seeds and then use genetic instructions to unfold through stages of life to fruition.

If we continue the analogy, although seeds have the genetic factors needed to mature into specific plants, the seed and the growing plant is also a function of the external environment. Various factor like water, sun, shade, soil, pH, nutrients, minerals, virus, mold, moss, competition, etc. all having an impact on the final plant. If had a pack of tomato seeds, all with the same DNA, we can get a range of output expressions based on how has the green or black thumb. The firmware evolved in conjunction with the environment.

In terms of your question, each of us has the firmware genetically unfolding throughout life. This unfolding occurs in conjunction with the external environment, with various external stimulus having various impacts in the progressing firmware. Like a plant, if we water too much the leaves might curl or the plant will get thin, or if we don't water enough the plant can wilt. Some firmware input from the environment through our sensory systems and some make use of input from natural languages such as body language. Others can be approached through the imagination such as sexual fantasies.

At times, more than one firmware can occur at the time. Intimate relationship may involved firmware connected to instinct, to emotions and even to thoughts all at the same time. It may take a special external blend to optimize all at the same time.
Wellwisher, I appreciate your response, and it is food for thought. However, I am referring to direct effects of human proximity. Let's say you and I are sitting beside each other. We will have reactions to each other, and my focus here is neurochemically and our "auras". For example, let's say I find you attractive, how will my neurochemicals behave, how will my energy respond? And how will these reactions, in turn, effect my behaviors. Let's say I find you repulsive, different changes will occur within the same locations. Ultimately, the ideal would be to understand and map these changes thereby enabling optimal human interactions and avoiding degrading ones. As an example, I have been in intimate relationships which have been inspiring and degrading to my personality, my question is what is happening to my brain and physicality during these opposing interactions.
Could be the flu, but that cartoon made me laugh out loud.

This might have been something interesting.. but auras?

Moving to a more appropriate forum.
Could be the flu, but that cartoon made me laugh out loud.

This might have been something interesting.. but auras?

Moving to a more appropriate forum.

I use the term aura for lack of a better word. Please don't misconstrue it as all "new agey". Human energy field, the term aura does apply to the energy surrounding a human, unfortunately it has been tainted by so called new age psyches "reading the color that surrounds us". That is not what I am referring to. How is an individual's chemistry and electricity altered in proximity to others? That is the question...