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There was an earthshaker? How are the elders and the rest of the villagers? Was the crop saved or ruined? How many are jiggling with the tide of hertz? I was in an earthquake once. It was fun to run around in circles like a cow with its tongue caught in a puss's teeth. Will there be eggs? Where's my crosshatch wand? Did you use it to milk the chickens again?
Oh, yes. The earthquake was terrible. Will there be more? May I have my flashlight batteries...it's kinda cold in here. Someone forgot to open the pay for my lottery ticket...

Take your pills, William Kitty!

And listen to House of Blues Radio more!

Trust me! You'll be glad you did!
"I come in peace..."

Hey, I assure you that the only drug I'm high on is "life"! ...uh...yeah...Surely, you wouldn't like to abuse the cutest kitty you ever saw (HOWARD!) and my name (HOWARD!) is W-I-L-L-A kitty. A derivative of Wilhelmina pronounced like "Willamina"...remember Mina from "Dracula"?...Better be nice lest I give you an eternity in which to suffer for your misdeeds!...Unless you like that sort of thing...*smiiiiiiiiile!*