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What are the limits of using HTML in messages on this forum? Especially, can I use Javascript, e.g., to create a message that would perform a calculation and display the result, when a button was clicked?
I'm not an authority, as Porfiry is the rule maker

I would guess that if the board can accept the coding then it's okay as long as it's not malicious coding (Intended to harm peoples systems through the board or sourcing), not advertising (As adverts on the board should be from the owner of the board) and that they don't screw the board up.

(It's very easy to screw a tag up and leave it open ended which can mess the board up, It's a good idea to noted down your Thread Id from the Address bar so you can edit it if you do make a mistake, otherwise you and others won't be able to view it until someone deals with it at an adminstration level.)
I don't believe there are any technical restrictions.

However, as stryder noted, if you screw up the layout of the board or try to do anything malicious, expect consequences.

Thanks for the reply. Of course I know that I shouldn't try to mess up the message board. :) I was just wondering about the question, mainly for future reference. One thing about it is, it's hard to experiment, since I might mess up the board inadvertently. I mean, just because something works in IE or Netscape doesn't mean it's going to work when I post it here as a message. I hope Porfiry answers.
Well I think you exist Porfiry. :D

I just thought that I could lend a hand when I can, since your a Busy guy with your sites/software and life (And anything else that doesn't fall into those categories)