How To Talk To Anyone

Scene: A bar, somewhere near Finsbury Park, 2 starangers meet for the first time, one is chi, the other is tabla.

Tab: Hey man, that's a cool looking sword you got there hanging out your Levis.

Chi: You what? You calling me an antichrist or whateva?

Tab: No man, I just saw your sword and it reminded me of this star formation you can sometimes see in space, it's called the reaper or something.

Chi: So you calling me the antichrist then?

Tab: No bro' just this star thing whateva...not that I'm calling you that, but, your reminded me of it.

Chi: Are you some kind of existentialist that can never decide on the origins of the universe, or even, whether the universe actually exists or whether it's just some figment of your imagination, or even some ploy by the mass media to sidetrack you into believing in things that don't even exist?


Chi: Maybe you think that we were all created by some indescribable force, for the sole purpose of...what's that love? Yeah a pint of bitter for me and a vodka and tonic for my wife please...Where's that bald bastard got to?


Fuck techniques just build your confidence up - however it is you go about doing that. I'm sure you've had at least a couple experiences in your life where you were totally confident and everything was eeeeeeaaaaaaaasy. The reason these types of books work on some people is probably because they believe in them and it gives them more confidence in themselves.
actually if really did say that "I seek...purposes" some girl would be bound to lay an eye on him of interest. But I think he is just bluffing and being shy around girls to begin with. Let alone say something as that line he is quoting all the time here.
You're joking, but depending on the context, you have to do something similar to this if you are searching for a one-night stand. If you're at a bar that closes in 90 minutes and you're trying to pick up a near or complete stranger, then it's like playing (American) football where you're trailing in the 4th quarter and you are forced into a passing-only offense. I haven't read this book, but if it suggests manipulating a girl in a situation like this, the strategy just might work against you. Leave your dignity with the bouncer at the door, take yourself out of your comfort zone, and don't be afraid to fail.