How to make a car more fuel efficient?

... Primarily, electricity would heat the water. ...
What do you think?
Using the highest quality energy to produce with no gain the lowest quality energy for a heat engine is about as dumb an idea as it gets, but welcome to Sciforums.
Remove windshield, steering-wheel, seats, tires, chassis, everything.


We don't need cars. We need to move close to work.
I will give my own summary of how to best improve mpg in a car.

1. Behavioral (70%)
2. Technological (30%)


See this massive list of what you can do:

Technological (in order of importance)

1. Electric mods
2. Spark plug timing, engine modding
3. Engine air filter
5. Tire air pressure
6. Spark plugs, oil, XYZ fluids, etc.
4,088. Alternative fuels
52,498. Fuel additives