How much does US pay the interest of her national debt?


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Malaysia has to pay about 110b USD yearly, only the interest, not the debt itself.
Very big burden to our country, and our yearly budget is a deficit budget with 6% GDP.

How about US?
I Google that it has 31.46 T USD debt,
how to pay off its debt?
How much interest is that to pay yearly?
How about US?
I Google that it has 31.46 T USD debt,
how to pay off its debt?
How much interest is that to pay yearly?

Looking at 2022 numbers—

The U.S. government spent a record US$213 billion on interest payments on its debt in the fourth quarter, up $63 billion from a year earlier. Indeed, a jump of almost $30 billion on the previous quarter represents the biggest quarterly jump on record. That comes as the Fed lifted interest rates a whopping 4.25 percentage points from March through December.

As an economist, I am concerned that the effect of higher interest payments on the government’s budget is being ignored. Higher interest payments mean the federal government will either have to lower spending, raise taxes or issue more debt to service its obligations. And financing interest payments by issuing more debt could be a particularly poor choice – sooner or later, the bill will come due.


—we can suggest between $800-900 billion per annum in interest payments.

The thing is, we could probably look it up and find more specific numbers.

It's one thing if I don't, but why haven't you?

(e.g., I found the Dwyer article by asking Google for: |annual interest u.s. debt|, and that was the first useful return.)​


Dwyer, Gerald P. "US is spending record amounts servicing its national debt – interest rate hikes add billions to the cost " The Conversation. 30 January 2023. 3 March 2023.
different creditors
different interest rates over different times
how much is a difficult number to pin down
pubic debt is only part of the picture
:D:D:D:D:Dprint more green back to pay off the 31T debts?
US population = 333,287,557
Debt = 31.46T
Average one person owes = 94392
if memory serves:
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Biden threatened to turn the ruble into rubble
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