How many languages / What languages do you speak?

How many languages are you fluent in?

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You are replying to a post from 2007, for Christ's sake.:rolleyes:

Thank you for drawing my attention to another common symptom of "Dying Board Syndrome"........

And here I am copy and pasting a comment from a totally different discussion.............

Local radio personality: "Don't get your nickers in a swivet."

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Post a new slang word/phras
70 odd years
I been learning one language
still working on it

But now
"senior moments"
My wife and children finish my thought when I loose/misplace the "next word".
I'll most likely die without having full command of english.

My beloved spouse has 3-4 languages and is adept at music
My one son has 3 languages and is adept at music
My other son has one language(as have I) and is not adept at music(me too)
I had an uncle who could listen to a song, pick up a guitar and play it, and he was fluent in 7 languages...

I suspect that a facility with music and facility with languages utilize the same neural pathways/areas of the brain(?).

dumb (adj.)

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"I can speak 2 (3, 4, ...) languages. We don't have a TV-set at home. ..."
/so snobbish/

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"A language is a dialect with an army and navy."

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Language is nothing but a set of human habits, the purpose of which is to give
expression to thoughts and feelings, and especially to impart them to others. As with
other habits it is not to be expected that they should be perfectly consistent. No one can
speak exactly as everybody else or speak exactly in the same way under all circumstances
and at all moments, hence a good deal of vacillation here and there.


Essentials of English Grammar, Otto Jespersen
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Noam Chomsky (a paraphrase): "One needs only English."

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There is Language and there is "Language". There is not Language (per se) - just consciousness at work.

The idea (Chomsky?) is that one needs only English to understand Language. English at its core is just like any other language.

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“The hardest thing of all is to find a black cat in a dark room, especially if there is no cat.”

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One speaks (on) one's own language (no matter how "languages" one speaks).
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I have an interest in learning Japanese sometime but I am not sure how to best go about it.

I have a Japanese grammar (a pdf file) on my other computer, probably. From a Japanese american, from the 1940-ies.
The problem is how to make a Google drive link to work.
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Thanks for the Japanese language learning resources, O. W. Grant. I have found a lot of Japanese language lessons on YouTube. Duolingo is another great language learning resource.