Honesty on package regarding content

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Have been given drinks, produced by Nestle,to boost my health

Most are yuk to my taste buds, although reporting on the package a fruit flavour

One of the various flavours is listed as neutral. How do you produce a natural favour?

Another caught my attention - Wildberry flavour

(Just had attack Itching
Back later
Time to blast BOLERO through my ears to go back to sleep and wait for medications
Was having a good dream as well hope I go back to where I left it)

Found this on Nestle, website


I see a few chemicals but no Wildberry listed

This is the wild berry psckage SF01.jpg





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Since the Nestle drink has "Less than 0.5% natural flavors", they apparently didn't think it worth the bother to detail the specific berries.

In contrast: a different brand, different type beverage like "Truly Wild Berry Hard Seltzer" does clarify such in its ingredients as "2% strawberry, blackberry, raspberry flavors".

"Wildberry" or "Wild Berry" is a marketing category or group label for raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, gooseberries, etc. Usually the aggregate flavor will at least consist of the first three.
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