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I know sort of what it is...but when you're sick what types of medicines/potions or whatever do you actually take? Does it really work as good as all the websites say? Anybody out there use homeopathic methods versus..um... main-stream medicine? I'm curious about this
lol potions.. it's not like it's witchcraft or something.. :D

i'd tell you what kind of homeopathic things i use, but i can't find a good dutch-english translator tool thingy anywhere.. if i can find something i'll post!

edit: i use a gel with arnica if i have bruises, or strained my ankle or something. reduces the swelling.

i use a tincture of sage for my -umm what's the spelling- eczema

i use something with drosera if i have a cold to reduce coughing caused by irritation..

that's about it!
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I sometimes use beer when in withdrawl from narcotics. It's the same principle.
what would be what?

i use Drosera Pentarkan drops by VSM.. if that's what you mean :)

ideal if you're kept awake at night by coughing.
in Latvia homeopatic medicine is very widespread and is used just when you see the first symptoms.

the only one I know name of is bee propolis

don't know about homeopatic , but when I get first simptoms of cold I eat 4 slices of black bread with fresh sliced garlic.

it burns all bacteria away.

the most tasty is when you toast the black bread and put slices of garlic on it toasted and warm
i studied Homeopathic medicine, too. in a nutshell, it's based on the principle of "like cures like". they take a bit of whatever it is that is ailing you and insert it into the homeopathic medicine which, in turn, stimulates your immune system's natural response/antibodies to the dreaded trouble maker. cowabunga!!!! :D
garlice has a sulfur compound called allicin,( eatting the garlic will produces other sulfur compounds like allyl sulfides, and vinyldithiins, which are super at knocking out bugs (germs ) .