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I had a terrible case of hiccups this morning. Scientifically, I'm sure there's a viable reason I had them - I could have been too tired, drank too much liquor like in those 1930 picture shows, or maybe my lungs were collapsing. Luckily if you've got the hiccups, everyone around you is ready and willing to tell you their cure for them.
  • Person: Ok man, this is all you gotta do, works for me every time.
    Me: Yeah?
    Person: First get a glass of water...
    Me: Easy enough.
    Person: and some ice cubes...
    Me: Alright
    Person: ...but don't put them in the water...
    Me: Ooooookay... so we're not making ice water
    Person: Put the glass of water on the floor
    Me: Now what?
    Person: Place the ice cubes around the glass of water
    Me: Um... like this? Like a pentagram?
    Person: No, listen to me.
    Me: Fine, what now
    Person: Now, stand three feet away from the glass of water, then take seven matches, light them one at a time, blow them out, inhale the smoke and throw them at the ice cubes. No more hiccups.
Humans are morons. What’s your cure?
Yeah, I get a light case of hiccups after almost every meal, it's really frickin annoying! I had one yesterday, I told my mom about it and she screamed at me really, really loudly and it scared the living daylights out of me. I was like "what are you doing?" She then asked me "are your hiccups gone?" I waited several moments, then noticed, amazingly, that they were!

I never actually believed the scared out of hiccuping thesis, but if you really do get scared they'll go away.

On a related note, since I hiccup, well, at least once a day but only for a few minutes, my parents get really pissed off about it, they're like "Ian we're not taking you inside the mall if you don't shut the f*ck up!" Then I hold my breath until I turn blue and they usually go away. Well, not until I'm blue, but you get the picture.

The icecubes thing...was funny.

Funn-y bunn-y indeed-y.

Aa! no more...bunnies!
Try a tablespoon full of malt vinegar.
Down in one - hiccups gone!
Thor! You'll go straight to hell with tricks like that.
I like it!! :D
Well, do my trick and you'll wish you were :D

Anyway, imagine the computer games in heaven. No killing or anything :rolleyes:
My ex used to get hiccups ever time she was nervous....funny! :D

My remedy...occupy your mind with something other than getting rid of them and they will disappear before you know it.
All you need to do is open your diaphragm. To do this push your shoulders back, open your throat and hic-cup very loudly. After two or three hic-cups they will stop.
My cure:

Take a glass of water. Tap, preferably. Add ice as desired. Put a paper-towel over top and covering the glass. Now, drink the water through the paper towel.

i'm pretty sure most of those replies were jokes (at leas i hope so):)

my cure, *yes it works* is to get a glass of water, and drink from the far side of the glass. and if there is no glasses around, get a drink from a fountain but don't swallow the water, bend down as far as you can, without bending your knees, then swallow.

YAY! no more hiccups!!
Pure Mental Effort

I think about my diaphragm.

I picture it in my mind.

I see it spasm.

I mentally force it to stop.

And it does.

Wow, the power of the mind... :eek:

I do the drinking upside down thing... Or just hold my breath, but that doesn't often work. :(
Take a very deep breath...

Hold it as long as you can... blow all the air out hard... et, voila!

Also, try eating less... or drink the juice of half a lemon mixed with water before eating, if you're blood type A. Or drink carbonated water if you're blood type O.:cool:
In the privacy of my home or in the company of close friends, twisting up a
fatty always does the trick. Whether it results from concentrating on a tight roll
or the mystical interaction of dagga in the bloodstream - no more hiccups!

:m: Peace.
"Hic hic, Teacher?! Can i get a drink of water"

cure for hicups
lay on the floor flat on your back..... its that simple

i dont try and cure hic ups anyways, they go away with time

oh and "Pollux V" if your getting hic ups while eatting, your eatting too fast, now chew your food 37 times before swallowing!! :rolleyes:
Originally posted by lordjin
Try drinking several large gulps of Drano. This will get rid of all your problems...

I laughed out loud when I read that.

Thanks! I needed a good laughing trip... :D
Originally posted by lordjin
Try drinking several large gulps of Drano. This will get rid of all your problems...

Well, actually it would, seeing that your problems would be annulled by your inadvertent suicide.

Did you read Breakfast of Champions, by Kurt Vonnegut?