Hi New Here


Hi guys! As you've guessed by now, I'm a new member! This is the first time I've decided to post and so I thought that I would post it here in about the members.

Nothing new about me to post. I'm a guy 29 years old.

I don't have any particular likes or dislikes. I play chess at chessclub.com (or ICC). I recently bought a 2 years membership there if anyone plays chess feel free to give me a hollar there my name is JBrentonK as well as it is here. I love chess. Been playing since I was young.

But I suppose I am more into science than anything else. Science and philosophy are really some of my favorite subjects. I was going to go to collage for a psychology degree but I decided not to go to collage after all. Science is a great subject, if you're into just about anything you are bound to run into something in science that will catch your interest. Just decided to make my post now. Welcome me!