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Ever notice everyone complains about windows? Why is that, its on almost every computer.


Tell you this right now, if i had a Linux capitable modem (im broke) i would say, screw you windows, and stay on mandrake 90% of the time, and when i learned c++ 100%. (i enjoy mIRC scripting, thats the only thing that isnt possible on linux)
People are content with mediocrity, and that's incredibly depressing.

(Paraphrasing something Steve Jobs said)

well, the only people that hate windows are those who know of stuff other than windows, same with aol. windows can not compare to linux, people who know about linux usually only use windows because it is a.) all they can afford b.) they like games c.) their job is supported by the operating system d.) they dont have a choice. or e.) the software they use is only windows compadable.

so u can do what i do, whenever i am stuck on a windows machine, in order to sound kool i call it Wos 9.5

people like windows cause it comes with their e-machines, all set up and it is easy.
The only reason that i use Winblows on my system is for games. I have bought all the games i like that are currently out for Linux but there is simply not enough of them.

If and when Linux gets more games i will be 100% under Linux. But till then.. i must wait.

rop? need a modem?

Rop? this is for information purposes only! but you could always go buy the external 56k modem take it out of the case, fill it with crushed redbull cans and return the empty. Youll have your modem but it just wont have its case!! hehe you may want to be carefull if you acctually thnk about doing that, cause if they realize youve screwed them then they could look on the security cams i guess. but then again you could buy your modem from a mom & pop store that dont have security cams!!!1 hehe

although i posted the anti-microsoft poll on here and voted against them, and almost never use windows. i think we need to give them some credit. still, if you have a good enough computer windows isnt that bad to load a dual boot w/ your linux. People are always talking crap about windows and bill gates, but he has help alot with developing the whole idea of a gui and has help some with developing c, c+, vb etc

but whatever i still think they are have a monopoly and will never trade my linux for microsoft's windows niether run a dual boot
about steve jobs....

Before and during the development of apple and what is now macintosh. Steve Jobs was interested in the art of phreaking. And did a lot with it. I also know he has an exsisting website about it. I will try to find it and in the future i will post it on here. If any knows it, could please drop me a messege or post a reply.

thanks, linux is better
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