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i dont know whats wrong with my signature but it wont show my picture just gives a link to it any help would be appreciated.
Some servers block Image Serving as some people don't use webspace for .html webpages, so they restrict it from allowing you to view them through a browser load (you have to manually view the link)

Some free servers do allow you the privalige of serving images, but they have a tendancy of having a Bandwidth restriction.

Perhaps Porfiry could do one of the following:

Allow a signiture image to be assigned to the server, like images that are posted in a message. Of course a person would be restricted in size and only be allowed one of them.


Create a new option for <*IFRAME> (I think that's the HTML for it ) Frames that can be placed within a webpage (or post) Then people can design a webpage that can fit in the space with an image (a set size).
This option would be the most messy, I opt for the first.