Help End World Hunger

Discussion in 'World Events' started by truestory, Dec 14, 1999.

  1. truestory Registered Senior Member

    Hello All!!!

    As of today, it is estimated that, in this world of plenty, someone dies from HUNGER every 3.6 seconds.

    Have you ever wanted to do your part to help end world hunger? Well, now, here is your chance.

    AT NO DIRECT COST TO YOU OTHER THAN A MINUTE OF YOUR TIME AND THE EFFORT THAT IT TAKES TO CLICK YOUR MOUSE, you can make daily donations of food which is distributed to needy people throughout the world via the financial contributions of the website's sponsors. This site originated in June of 1999 and the response is growing at an outstanding rate. The actual amount of food donated on any given day depends on the number of individuals who click on the donation button and the number of sponsors participating in the hunger site on that day. Historical data and other information is available for your review at the site.

    Please bookmark the following address and click on it daily, EVERYDAY, to make your daily donation of food in the growing cause to fight world hunger! (Only one donation per day per individual PC is accepted).

    Thank you for the "minute" you spend each day on this worthy cause and may God bless you!

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  3. Oxygen One Hissy Kitty Registered Senior Member

    Isn't the WHO supposed to be feeding everybody? Where the hell is the UN? Maybe the UN feels that the best way to ease their suffering is to let them die. After all, these Third World countries are what the UN calls "useless eaters".

    Let's feed these people and dissolve the UN.
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  5. truestory Registered Senior Member


    There is a link at the bottom of the hungersite page which says to click for a note about the United Nations World Food Program. You might find what you're looking for there.
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  7. tablariddim forexU2 Valued Senior Member

    Thanks Truestory,
    I've bookmarked the page, it's a great idea and so apt for the christmas season.

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