happy holidays and thanx


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hey everyone...
i would just like to thank every one of you for putting up with waht my parents cant....
and i understand that u feel i shouldnt be her, becasue of my age and mind.

but i would just like to wish every one of you a merry christmas, and happy haunica. (i know, i spelled it wrong)
and if i could give you all a present i could... but its a money thing....

but remember... if you would like to send me a present e-mail me at
nomad182@hotmail.com :) (_8^(o)

and if any of you have aol im, my name is nimrod242, so i jsut wanted to say happy holidays, and happey new year!

dexter-I wondered where you had been. Okay, so you can't spell. Neither can a King Cobra, and nobody wants to cross one of them! Merry whatever, happy whatever, eh, just enjoy your life.