Grover's Itch

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New year. PRESENT is 72 years oldl
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First (?) noted by Doctor Grover who wrote about his observations in a paper in 1980

Currently I'am under Doctor Disease (Itch) keeping me in hospital

Amy help with cause and / or treatments would be helpful

Michael 345


Is Grover's Itch a positive diagnosis?

Has your doctor ruled out other auto-immune disorders such as eczema, psoriasis and shingles?

I got (my second case of) shingles just a month or two ago, right in the small of my back 0ver my right kidney. Luckily I caught it soon and hit it hard with steroids.
Considering other's observing same systems and reactions as Grover wrote about it would want to be
Yes, but that's not a doctor's diagnosis.

I mean, not that it matters too much. The treatment's gonna be steroids. More a question of what mix of topical vs. oral vs. intravenous it will be.

Will the doc let you take a general anti-itch med, such as Reactine or Benadryl? Those might help to relieve the symptoms of the itch, as well as putting you to sleep to get some relief.
Still no relief from my condition

Still no way to cure condition Grover's Itch

This is the effect of scratching finger nails and towel drying back after shower

IMG20230705221818~01.jpg IMG20230705221818~01.jpg

Not even a follow up for Calamine Lotion .