Gravitational Fields and Gravitational Waves

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If you read my paper carefully, you can know that this Hypothesis is wrong. If the gravitational field has a speed, then this speed will be much greater than the speed of light c.

The speed of light is 0 , the maximum potential speed some thing can travel at is infinite . The problem with speed is gravitational drag and creating enough propulsion or pull to gain the speed . A warping of the field -ve could effectively cause the field to spring back to its constant linear tension, quantum leaping the cause of the -ve into space as it springs back .

Example : x0-x5=F using a single dimension .

Think archery !
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If you read my paper carefully, you can know that this Hypothesis is wrong. If the gravitational field has a speed, then this speed will be much greater than the speed of light c.

You must apply your theory to specific scientific calculations, such as planetary orbits, otherwise it is not convincing.

Physics are not measures , measures are for people who like watching the hands of a clock rotate . Orbits are nothing more than set pathways , the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West relative to me . Trying to measure the distance to the Sun could only be a guess even with a set of created math .

If I can see it , it isn't that far away.

Anyway I must apologize I am retiring now from science and the internet , disconnected at midnight . I wish you luck with your theory .
Hi professor,

I have noticed that the Venus precession data 8.6" obtained by GR calculation is very inconsistent with actual observations. Is there any accurate data now? I also calculated the precession data of the eight major planets in the solar system.

Mercury 43”
Venus 240”
Earth 3”
Mars 1”
Jupiter 0.8”
Saturn 0.1

Except for Venus which is 240", other data are consistent with GR.
I want to know which of 8.6" vs 240" is correct.


I am not an expert on astronomy so I cannot answer your question whether your calculations are right. But since 5 out of 6 answers are correct ... there are good reasons to assume also your Venus-computation is correct. But since I have worked with GR for 50 years now - I can assure this theory is misleading. So, we are stuck in the classical problem - we know THAT GR is misleading - but not HOW. But we will find out some day!
This problem in fact has stalled all science --- we know THAT it doesn't work - but cannot yet say HOW .... This is a serious scientific problem ... the sciences refuse to address the issue of theirs own impotencies. This attitude is called Ockham's razor - or refusing to cut down the sick branch you yourself are sitting on.
However --- children know how to solve this problem - jump off the branch first and cut it down afterwards!
Best wishes

I have a lot of exchanges with Professor of Austin, Texas. He said that my theory is a strong proof of GR, but I don't think so. GR is a mathematical model of gravity, and mine is a physical model of gravity.
Gravitational waves are real, and the chasing effect of gravitational waves is also real. According to this physical model, a new gravitational equation is derived. Applying this gravitational equation to planetary orbit calculations, the obtained precession data is also in line with actual observations.

I am also convinced that the mathematical model described by GR is essentially the gravitational force under the influence of the chasing effect(Doppler effect) of gravitational waves.
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