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New year. PRESENT is 72 years oldl
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Finally I have managed to turn it off. I would delete it but I don't think that possible

I listen to my favourite romantic orchestral music, Bolero, through Bluetooth ear plugs

Pushing ear bud back in place non assistant would pop up with a totally irrelevant remark such as "would you like to hear a poam"

I spat back " google assistant turn off google assistant"

Few seconds later I saw before me the off button for google assistant. I tapped it with my stylus

Blessed peace and quiet since

Was reading about Write4u. Anyseveral tried " google assistant educate Write4u"?

Blessed peace and quiet since
Me spoke to soon. It no longer wants to help you, it now wants you to turn it on first, then help

At least the intrusion is about 25% not 100% and it does not shut down the program you were running

Michael, try this (should work with Android):

1. swipe down from the top of your screen

2. click on the little grey gear icon in the upper right

3. That will deliver you to a screen called 'settings' - scroll down to 'apps' and click on that

4. You should get a whole long list of apps. Phones come bloated with them and some are big files that clog up your phone's memory. Many run in the background and make your phone slow.

5. click on whichever one you want to get rid of. Most of them have an 'uninstall' option. Click on that to delete the app. Don't uninstall any that you use or that the phone needs to run properly.

Unfortunately, Android doesn't let you uninstall some of the proprietary Google apps. If there's no 'uninstall' option, try 'force stop' if that option is available (it might not be, Google doesn't want people escaping their clutches.) That will basically stop whatever the app is doing in the background (using up your battery, data and memory) and clear all the memory that it was using. If you want to use the app again, it has to reboot essentially.
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Google doesn't want people escaping their clutches

Thanks you are right there. Will try soon

Currently busy moving from Darwin to Queensland. Was to be nursing home but daughter and son-in-law said they will accommodate me