God and free thought

I hear ya Chagur,

To immerse yourself into the uknown can be scary, but it is a need for some....the biggest fear I might have is not being able to understand what I may find.

I believe that my dreams are a door to true reality. Not the reality created by Men/Women. Every time I have a significant dream I write it down.......I have pages and pages.......but still no solution, but when I read them....it comes together a little at a time.
teerum ...

It wasn't immersing myself into the unknown ... it was a search for the core
of my being. There was no fear until I got to a certain point ... and whatever
was there ... no, whatever was just beyond that point ...scared the hell out
of me and I couldn't ... didn't ... want to go any deeper.

And, it wasn't a dream. For lack of a better term I have to refer to it as deep
meditation. Forty years later I can relive the experience almost as clearly as
when it happened ... and I still don't want to try it again.

Take care.
Chagur, are you still afraid?

Can you feel strange 'energy' comes to you when you got to certain point?

strange energy cannot be seen, it only can be felt...some of SISGroup's members had arrived to that certain point...
We are afraid too...because science cannot explain our scary.
The explanation is not in science, but religion......

Human was born on the earth, not to HAVE any kind of energy, but to USE energy which come to us.

Human awareness has leads human to born religion and science.....both are conditioned man to use any 'energy'. Science lead human to use countable energy whom we learn in the school, such as heat, nuclear, fuel, etc. Religion conditioned man to use uncountable energy which come to us, such us insight or ideas.

Energy which come to our awareness can be felt...so use it!
Afraid ...

No, not afraid any more; rather, uncomfortably uneasy.

And it wasn't an energy thing, more a presence ... if you know what I mean.

But then, maybe I shouldn't be talking about it.

Take care :(
Re: Afraid ...

Originally posted by Chagur
No, not afraid any more; rather, uncomfortably uneasy.

And it wasn't an energy thing, more a presence ... if you know what I mean.

But then, maybe I shouldn't be talking about it.

Take care :(

Where are you going.......or are you still eager to go on?
What and Who is God?

God is Energy.

Why give us the ability to think for ourselves if you just want a bunch of mindless idiots to praise you? (God that is)

Well... this is a wrong message that the comtemporary Bible pass to people. But before 1500, when a stupid king changed the Bible only for his own benefit, the Bible doesn't have this kind of domination.
He gaves us free thoughts, free will, because without free will, we wouldn't be alive, anyways!!
How can I explain... your Highter-Self, your True-Self is God. It's just a matter of awareness. If you are sleeping, can you feel a snake climbing on you? I think so... But if you are conscient, you will feel it. It's what is happening. You just can't feel, but you are the whole Universe! As you woke up to your True Identity you'll start to feel it.

P.S.: This is what an awaked person says (there are not many of them here...not in the nowtoday's world :() :

Bebelina said:

Then another discussion is that old one about free will and destiny and my thought on that is this: life (free will+heart=destiny)

That we have a destiny, or a prefered destination in life, and to get there we must use our free will and follow our hearts.

To Chagur:


Once you said:
Re. "I have found that if I relax, clear my mind cleaning the slate of ALL of what I have been molded by, personally, religiously Everything..........I get closer to understanding what I AM...... "
Tried that once, scared the hell out of myself! Never went back to check out what it was that scared me so badly.

Yes... you were in the right way to discover yourself. What scared you was probably your power!! As I said in my last post, your True-Self is God. You are the whole Universe. Is a kind of frightening this reality... as I said in my example... If you are sleeping and a snake climbs on you, what can you fear? But if you are conscient, you will feel it. First, you think that is a snake climbing on you, but then, you discover that is not. You need to look at it, to experience your fear. Than it will go. We just fear what we don't know. Know it, and you will lose your fear. Take a look to your life with this fear... than decide wheter you go and face it or not. Make a decision. Don't lose your life with your fear. You are here, in this world, to discover and experience yourself. So do not fear it. Everyone will do it, in this life or in other. You were experiencing you own presence, your own power. You are getting close... :)
Good Luck!

Chagur and SISGroup, I know MuliBoy has experienced something similar during mediation. That one comes as far as one can get, sort of reaches the on/off button of life. To be or not to be, and to be you must chose a form or dissolve into the vastness of nothing, to not be. I suppose the frightful apparition of the choice given makes you appreciate existance a bit more. :)

Seeker, thanks for recognizing my brilliance. ;)

Hello all,

I was trying to go through the replies, I have been out of the loop on this one, but I will add something......

I have done a good amount of meditation, some on my own, some organized (Zen classes) We were trained to clear our mind of all thought (which of course was the basis of the meditation) We needed to admit our mind was STILL clouded in thought and would have to accept six strikes from a bamboo sword (interesting sensation) it works and it made me understand where I needed to be, but it did not get me there.

When you let go, the beginning instance is that all you now have left is your body.....in a sense it is like the first sensation of being born, this is the rebirth that we all seek. Imagine everything that has molded you, every bit of who you are is now gone from your consciousness (it is not really gone however) it is time travel, (remember the movie "Altered States") it was symbolic to what we are striving for in meditation. to rewind our life, turn around and begin the journey again. Please note however though what I think we might not realize is what creates fear in accomplishing this and/or what we see. I am not saying it is the whole reason for fear, but part of it IS the lonliness of removing yourself from the conscious earth. I have done it and have been gone for longer periods of time than I would have liked. Fought my way back, but I find myself slipping back from time to time......it's not good. It can be a dangerous thing to do......we should go, but be careful not to let ourselves be remolded because we CANNOT change who we are, we can grow and expand........but not become someone else.,...(HMMMM an inspiring thought......I need to write)

Oh Well.........I am afraid to lose myself.........NOT what I may come to understand about existance........