Ghosts are shy and introvert: Research


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Published on February 6, 2014 by idiot420
Bangalore. A research paper published in a leading international science journal by an Indian origin scientist, Dr. Bhootnath, claims that ghosts are intrinsically shy and introvert.

Dr. Bhootnath, who has spent years researching on behavior of ghosts and ghouls, has cited some valid reasons to support his conclusion. Few of them are listed here:

1. Like any other normal introvert person, ghosts enjoy solitude. They love to live alone in deserted bungalows and old forts. They hate socializing and prefer to spend time alone. Probably that’s why you never find them at crowded places like discotheques and shopping malls.

2. They avoid doing attention seeking things. For example, look at their clothes. With so much power, they could easily manage to get top brand outfits, but they don’t. No ghost yet seen in Gucci or Armani suits, but so many in simple white unbranded sarees. They are simply not comfortable with people staring at them.

3. Introverts are good listeners, so are the ghosts. They listen to people all them time, without even letting them know. They sit quietly in a corner of room and watch people talking for hours – without taking part in the conversation.

4. They like to think a lot and choose their word carefully before speaking. They just don’t like to talk crap. Be it making gothic sounds or sending some impactful message, they only use well-thought-of words. Talkative ghosts are very rare.

5. They believe in deep and meaningful relationships. If they decide to come after you, it’s hell of a job to get rid of them. Even in movies, you must have noticed that they focus on destroying only one family. Introverts too have very few relationships, and those few have strong bond.

6. Like a typical introvert, ghosts too dislike conflict. In fact, they hate it so much that they often kill people to end the conflict.

7. Ghosts prefer to work alone and and are not a big fan of team work. That’s why incidents of ghosts attacking in group are hardly reported. They move alone and hunt alone. Although, some exceptions are there, like a ghost woman being seen with her ghost child.

8. Like an introvert, ghosts often express themselves through writing. There are many cases of ghosts scribbling words on walls to pass their message. If required they even use blood of others to do that, they are so passionate about writing. Refer Books of Blood by Clive Barker.
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