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I've had this problem a couple of times: I forget to log out of sciforums and then I come back later on a different computer and I'm still listed as logged on to the site. If I try to log on, it seems to go fine, but then if I try to post, it asks me to log on again. If I do, then I can get to the posting window, but when I try to post it asks me to log on again, and when I do the post gets lost. Is there any way to link up the ghostly user that is supposedly still logged in with me when I really log back in? I'd hate to think that I have to remember to log out every time. Last time it happened I just waited until the ghostly Deus faded away and then I could log in fine. Otherwise, no complaints, glad to be here. Really glad! :D
I'm sure Porfiry will come up with another method, but what I would do is take a look in your CONTROL PANEL

Under EDIT OPTIONS (When you are actually logged in normally)

turn Automatically login when you return to the site? (uses cookies) to No

This will mean that you will have to login everytime you enter the site, but it will not save your cookie on another machine.
This way you don't have to remember to logout.
Actually, I already had that set to No because every computer I use to access the internet is shared with someone else. Ironically, after posting that message I forgot to log out and was locked out until just recently. I suppose I could change my settings so it passes my userid through URLs instead of using a per session cookie, but I don't know if that would really solve the problem.