Ghost filmed during Bolivian football game



I do not go into this, but remember most big stadiums are like churches. You will hear the players speak of this sometimes, and often the stadiums have had deaths related to them.

I would think there is some spiritual aspect to all big teams.

Not related to this topic, but people should remember lots of players view stadiums as places of worship in effect, and they probably are built with ideas like that.

Me personally when i was young supported a team, but i gave up on them when they decided to leave there stadium. That stadium had a bit of me on the stands, and i felt like the team and club was totally ignoring that worship those that stood and sat there, and ignored all that history.

The funny thing is since moving, the club is now crap, when at that time it was 1st or 2nd in its country in the league, lol.

So stadiums for me are like churches, and i felt so strong about it, when my boy hood club decided they would leave, i said f it, i care not about you anymore. All those memories and triumphs, and smiles are gone into history. So i for one think stadiums are more than just bits of rock, they collect energy, and that stadium had a bit of me, and my boyhood club said they could not care less. The funny thing is since moving, they are now rubbish, and not anything like the club they were, lol. I lost any affection i had for them, and i am sure what ever stadiums are, and i believe they are more than just bits of rock, this club would never get to those heights again, lol.

I said it to a friend when i heard the news, that i would never follow that club again when they decided to leave, and i said, after they leave they would become rubbish. I was right lol. They went from being top club, to an also ran, chasing money got them no where lol, the trophies they once collected are a memory.

I care not what anyone says, stadiums are more than a lump of rock, there is a collection of something that happens in them. So even though i have gone of topic slightly here, i am just speaking about stadiums from my point of view.