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Subject: Re: Genius Genes.
Date: 01/23/2001
Author: Robert Clark <>

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> >Subject: Will the next stage of human evolution be self-created?
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"But, according to Jeremy Rifkin, author of The Bio-tech Century, the greatest threat comes from prospective parents rather than tyrannical or misguided governments."
"Every parent wants the best for their child," said Rifkin. "In the future, the parent could become an architect and each child the ultimate shopping experience.
"In the next 10 or 20 years we could have eugenics with a smiling face. We will no longer require the lower classes to have fewer babies; we will just have them have better babies as we learn to do gene therapy."
Genius of genes

"The technique, known as pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, allows doctors to select a healthy embryo to implant in the womb of the mother. "Inherited diseases such as haemophilia and cystic fibrosis can be screened out before the embryos are placed in the womb."
Science screens out defective genes

"The sick girl at the centre of a storm after her brother was genetically selected to help her is recovering after treatment.
Molly Nash, 6, who suffers from a rare blood and immune system disease, was given a bone marrow transplant with cells taken from her newborn brother Adam's umbilical cord."
"And so far, she appears to be responding well to the therapy.
"An ethical debate erupted after it was revealed that her parents, from Colorado, US, had used genetic pre-selection techniques to both ensure that her rare illness was not passed to any new child, and that the baby could be used as a source of stem cells to form her treatment."
Genetics storm girl 'responding well'

The Baby Makers - 19th November (video)

Science fiction? It's already here.

"The statement: 'Sig file on vacation' IS a sig file."
- Bob Clark
Today, you can boost the IQ of a child to 200 points by pregnacy management without gene therapy. The chemicals have been available for 20 years. There is a dark side to it. Such a child will be hyperactive from getgo and managing that child will be extremely difficult. Imagine a class full of hyperactive kids whose brain is running at 300 miles per hour.

From my personal experience a differential of 15 to 20 IQ points causes communication breakdown. My suggestions is to boost IQ 15 points every 5 years in the general population.
The technology is here for it but the question is how long before it is common place. It will take many years before every child is born ingenious. People have to accept it and my generation, I believe will not, nor the next. Maybe my kids kids will have a different view. When it happens new discoveries will be much more commonplace but societies maturity will not increase. This is one of the many factors that may be the end of mankind as we know it. we are not socially ready for such technologies. Imagine a bunch of intestines running around creating theories that will be the basis for ever larger bombs day by day.
I'm all for anything (within reason; no Holocaust allowed) that makes our species more intelligent. We need it.
I agree for the aumengtation:the more control we gain over ourselves and the environment diminishes the chances to get wiped out by natural blind forces.

It s only logical that the more the power,the more the responsibility towards the potential misuse of that might;but responsibility brings wisdom with it:check out what the hunes or the vikings would have done with our nuclear power:

We achieve the chance to improve our skill only by demonstrating the level of civilization that will allow us to use it (imperfectly of course)in the right way.
Originally posted by Doc Brown
I'm all for anything (within reason; no Holocaust allowed) that makes our species more intelligent. We need it.

I agree with you Doc, completely.
an example of our problem gettin to that point was when Bill Maher had to appologize for saying that his dogs were like retarded children cause they are real sweet and loving but they are just never going to advance. it's the "oh my god you cant say/do that cause it's not PC" but i say "mental over moral"

well ya know what when i am no longer a help to society and insead a burden on society i plan to walk into the woods and sit under a tree till the end comes. and if more people were darwinists just think how far and fast society could improve.

thanks for letting me vent folks =>

"Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it."
---Mark Twain

Sure, you can make smarter people! But genetically modified individuals will have a harder time coping with an enviroment that has already evolved a superior species. Homo sapiens. Listen up kids because grandma is about to teach you a lesson in genetics on how far you can go and at what speed. 1) Homo sapiens dominate this world because there exists a switch in our heads that clicks on when another isolated mutant human species tries to take control - pretty much its a telepathic psycho alert to kill the other group of mutants off, this is how we get our cake and eat it too. This was one of the strategies that killed of Cromagnium Man, Neanderthal, Java man, etc. 2) Even if a modified individual was born into this world genetics plays such a small role in how someone turns out. Ask the people who just finished sequencing the human genome there happens to be "1/5" of the map of what the majority of experts thought was in the human genome which comes down to two words: ENVIROMENT RULES!!!

Risk takers end up usually using the the right hemisphere of there brain. The high IQ associated with right hemisphere turns out to be a catch-22 in a very big way because it can be inventive and dangerous.
People that create weapons of destruction aren't as nearly as crazy as the people who employ them, I'm saying what's going to end up happening is that if we don't pick up the pace soon and get dangerous we are going to live in desparation and denial. I like to see the day when people are born with genes that CANNOT be held back by social and cultural dogma... No God (supra-genius) on earth cannot resist going for gold, its another catch-22 we could do better as a whole but everyone is to worried about starting the competition. I personally would welcome smarter people because they would probably be shy bright folk in general just the kind of wind we need in society nowadays. A third world country could have a genius to end a war and negotiate massive trade agreements with local neighbors bringing the country out of poverty into high quality democracy. Competiton is born!
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it's all bullshit

- everyman has the right to be stupid and taken advantage of by others, it's American as apple-pie.
evolution is omnipresent- deal with the consequences

ethics, morals- things constructed by society (and evolving system,) to protect us from ourselves. i say, let evolution continue: try genetically enhancing people (i know if i had the option to genetically engineer my child, i would.) if it works, it works. if it doesnt, it doesnt. thats evolution.
Genetics is like a computer you bought from DELL or Compaq. You know there will be faster processors down the line. But what you have, you can get most out of it by choosing the right software (translation: environment). Unlike computers doubling in speed in 18 months, genetics operating system is good for may be a thousand years.

But as we tinker with the genes, you may have a choice to swap out the mother board (enhance the DNA). In the meantime use the available information to tweak the will be surprised how much you can tweak today!
You're missing a few fundimental points.

Bigger, better, faster is good for cars and can openers.

It had been brought to my attention a few years ago, that a child when they are identified and labeled gifted, they become a natural resource for that country. There are restrictions and controls applied through out their life, whether they are aware of this control or not.

All this DNA manipulation is for whose benefit, on whose agenda for doing this? After you scrap away all the warm and fuzzy crap that only leads to debates, your left with a simple question, for whose agenda is manipulating DNA?
I really agree that we at least need to get everyone above 160 IQ man there is some major common sence issues now days that would be helped or solved with that. As for a communication brake down I don't know I was talking at 8 months and was talking in complete sentences at 10. The story I get all the time is when I was a baby they put me in the play pen and I said I want out and they said no.... I stamped my foot and said well this is unthinkable...... I don't think I will ever live it down.

In third grade they though I was retarded because I refused to do anything because of a devorce when I was in second grade. So they gave me a IQ test. My vocab was 9th grade+ and I pegged out the test at 168, Not even trying. Its not that I could not go higher thats just as high as that test went.

Yes I was a little hipper active comming up with some bazzar stuff. School was very a drag.... Never studyed a day in Highschool and only a few times in collage. But needless to say I can't spell for beans.
^^^--> same avatar =] that’s cool. (malaclypse)

Anyway, I feel we need to figure out the meaning of life first. How can you make your self "better" if you don’t know what "better" is? I mean maybe we make a kid 200% smarter, that kid then feels that his emotions get in his way, then he makes the next generation less emotional, and that generation does the same thing. After a few generations we are nothing but robots without any emotions, no feelings, just spreading with our newfound intellect throughout the galaxy like a disease. Is that the meaning of life? Or is sitting back and enjoying a glass of lemonade the meaning of life? Or perhaps the meaning of life is to become perfectly happy and in a state of euphoria, in which case we all may as well just smoke crack all day.
speeking of no emotions.... after talking one of them left brain right brain tests it turns out Iam 97% left brained. I my self have very few emotions I can find stuff funny or some stuff makes me kinda of jumpy I also have a raging bad temper if conditions are right but really it takes alot to get me to brake. But I don't miss people. Deaths don't bother me. I don't know what depressed feels like. As for sadness I don't really know what that is eather like I feel just as bad when my cat died as I did when my hard drive crashed on my pc well think felt more for the hard drive... The only thing I realy feel is Joy or the thrill of winning. Everthing else can be explaned away.

There is a strange thing that happens when you get to 95% + to the left or right side of the brain. The left side loses the little voice in your head that tells you that beating a man to death with his own arm is wrong. Most mass killers like jeffery dommer where 95% left brained.

On the other side they become anal retentive and have to have stuff just so right that orderly.

My IQ keeps me from killing some one, if I thought that I could get away with it or had a free chance to kill some one I think I would take it. But my mind is the only think keeping that in check thinking well if I grab this guy and smash his skull open aginst this wall its going to odds are leave finger prints and hair from the struggle, and I the drunk chick by the car over there saw me with the victom so they would at least have a idea of what I looked like. So the odds of getting taged and bagged is high. Not to mention the blood splater from this head being smashed open.

But if some one was 95+ left and has a IQ of 100 or below odds of them just doing it out of a fit or rage would be lots higher. Like that guy that beat his brother to death with a bat because his team lost to his.... geezzz....
Ok, no offense, but I think you are not really that left brained. I think you just want to have a unique identity(perhaps subconsciously) and that drives you to subconsciously act more left brained. I could be wrong, but I went through that exact phase. I matured out of it. also, those test are not very accurate, I took the MBTI, Strong, and a job placement test and I got the EXACT results I wanted to get when I went in. I mean down to the exact job I wanted to do. out of all the jobs in the world, the one I went in trying to get at the beginning ended up with the highest match. If you are smart you will know the thought processes that went into the development of the questions, and you can just make it say whatever you want.(perhaps subconsciously)

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I don't dount that I could have done that picked the questions that sounded like they would be left brained but that would also mean I would have had to know what being left brained entailed. I did not know tell after the test that people that far left brained start having problems... To know what the target is and try for that is one thing. But to have no idea what the outcome is and get it is another.