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Hi Everyone,

I know that you guys don't necessarily like hearing from me over here on this board since I'm always talking about Jesus, but I need some help. The next little piece of my theory deals with human genetics, which I know virtually nothing about, past high-school biology. Here's the deal....I think that the mark of the beast that is spoken of in the Bible is possibly referring to a genetic manipulation. There are reasons why I think this, but I would speculate that most of you are not interested in what they are, so I'll skip it. So my question is this....who out there, who knows anything about the human dna code, can tell me if there could be a correlation between the number 666 and human dna? And if so, what possible correlations are there? Thanks.

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<img src = "">You might want to rummage inside this site for your numbers:

I suppose you could find something in there to help you support such a theory.

It's all very large.
Now THAT'S an interesting theory...

I'll let you know if I find anything out.
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