Genetic Link to Past life Accountability?

hey all :)

yo banshee- i kinda agree with you on that subject on a theoretical bassis of coarse :)
but how does karma fit in to the equation?
if at all?

one point i think would help us allot is if we got rid of guns in the private sector and in farming then we would have to get the blood on our hands and this would leed to people being thinnned
to a point of ecological conseusnes that is lost in this day and age of wealthy purchase of plastic wrap brains and fish eggs :D

But to be more direct this is like fencing in the child rather than educating it :/

and so the cycle continues
to fester and foster
fears and the fearfull
in a fever of hate and mistrust,
the ego inflates to block the gates
and all that is left is lust.

groove on all :)
Life without weapons!!!!

There you are very right. The weapons have to go!!! In every country and people finally have to learn that we can be friends also....all the fighting...all the killing.....

Please...Make An end To That...!!!

But how, how do we do that???

Not one of the country's will lay down <all> their weapons, because they will always be suspicious if the other country's have REALLY laid down their weapons.....

And so the circle is round, and the 'wheel' keeps on 'spinning'.....It brings me to tears.....I can cry when I see all this useless destruction on t.v. every day. And it seems like it gets worse by the day.......

The earth is trembling beneath all the blood and all the pain.....untill she thinks: Ït's been enough...", earth dies, don't you notice...??
hey all :)

banshee- you speak with your heart!

i think the problem is in education!
i think we need to make education the most important job of all.
people should be paid 5 times the normal wage to be a teacher and have regular psychological assesment and counselling...
and all SCHOOL GROUNDS should be aswell!
big brother can suck my ____!
more funding to schools to allow independent security with a government agency that studys the school once a year and publishes the results for all to see!

all the pediphiles and power freaks wont want that though :/
because there control and thus abuse will be monitored.
-AS LONG AS the cameras are not made a big issue by the teachers then it will be succesful.

ALL WILL BE REVEALED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

who is scared by that?
who is affraid of that ?
the power freaks that use children as whipping posts?
it should be all public knoledge!
public responsibility.
teacher accountability.
socialy actively intravertively un-deniable!

the preacher is off for another beer :D

groove on all :)

:rolleyes: I think the parents have to do a job here.
Learn your children from a little baby till he/she goes to live alone or so, to have respect for other people.
No matter what colour, religion or whatever....respect another like you respect yourself...
Teach your children well, let them make Peace and put an End to War...

But that is a whole lot to ask...

And a very difficult task for parents...:rolleyes:
hey all :)


Parents 0 -
Fashion/consumer disposable marketing strategy 10

Unfortunately the dice is loaded in favor of the most prevalent time zone...and that is not parenting environments :/
That is school and friends/peers.

Let’s not open the religious fanatic scenario!

But let’s just look at the overriding values that are recognized and rewarded.....
Not truth and honesty!
Deceit distortion of truth and no emotions are valued as most desirable in most of not all exclusive(high finance) environments!

Since most people think it is impossible to have a good time all the time....
How do we create a opposite to what they perceive as perverse enough to motivate a norm steer?

kinda confounding to me!

groove on all :)
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