gender views cause of incel.

Discussion in 'The Cesspool' started by gamelord, Jul 3, 2018.

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  1. Neddy Bate Valued Senior Member

    We have the best people looking into that right now, --the very best people-- and when they report back tomorrow or next year, it's going to be tremendous. Just huge. Believe me. It's true.
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  3. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    Obviously. Why would I want a woman who is disgusted while we are having sex?
    It's just we live in a culture where both feminism and patriarchy shames sex and lustful thought. It's a land of insane Puritans running amok. They have magazines in the grocery store that talk about sex and sex positions, but lo-and behold if you actually talk about sex out loud, you are a creep and a perv. It's american split-minded insanity. It's like how Japan is sexually dysfunctional and incel, but has panties at vending machine, obsessed with porn, but the genitals are pixellated, a country that is completely sexually dysfunctional.

    In America, the land where 50% of marriages end in divorce?

    Many of these people are super cruel and unfriendly.
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  5. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    The swastika was stolen from ancient Hindus. Do they delete it because someone they dont approve of uses their identity? No they continue to use it, and so swastika doesn't always mean Nazi. It is only ignorant people that do not know a swastika means other things.
    For example, an ignorant person believes Aryan is something Hitler made up, when it actually refers to the Indo-Aryan people and not just Germans.
    There will always be ignorant people, who do not understand the meaning of words.

    People notice how you derail discussions to be about mexicans when it had nothing to do with mexicans, or even racism for that matter. The topic was mainly about sexism and double standards.

    Same as you make an excuse to complain about men?

    Not as terrible as yours?
    I mean on one hand, you blame men for all the worlds problems.
    Then, on the other hand, when I have a terrible view of men, you shame me.
    No way to win with you.

    That tells me a lot about you.

    Sexual attraction happens under stress. This is an evolutionary mechanism. The stress must not be too high, paranoia kills sexual attraction. And yet the stress must not be too low, as it instills a lull of complacency.

    So you are ignorant too, has been noted.

    So me being a compassionate person, trying to save lives, makes me dangerous and toxic? Funny how every good deed does not go unpunished.

    Reminds me of yesterday, my friend say a German on TV trying to save some kids live, and my friend immediately accused the german of looking like a gestapo nazi. Funny how people judge you based on their immediate feelings, rather than any kind of logic or reason.
    I get it, saying the word "Eliot Rodgers" makes you feel immediately uncomfortable, and triggers your animal flight or flight primordial instincts.

    Doesn't matter if I say I don't agree with his views, mentioning the devil's name enough is enough to trigger a full on panic attack.

    Most of what you say is nonsense. You accuse Eliot Rodgers of being a rapemonger, when in actuality he was the exact opposite of a rapist. Even when he went on a killing spree he didn't rape anyone. Eliot's idea of a utopia was a man only world, a world without women. Not a world of rape. So you are spouting nonsense, as per usual. Eliots main complaint, was that women only flirted with perfect specimens, and didn't give many men the time of day. That some men got so much positive attention, while other's got none. I agree with him on this issue, what I don't agree with are his other views, such as a man only world.

    But feel free to go on your slanted tirade. Eliot never demanded for women to be handed as assets, his complaint was that women, of their own free will, would not take an interest in him of their own accord. Now I understand that in your mind, me saying the word "provided" could be interpreted as some mysterious entity handing out girlfriends, but that is not what I meant by it, and I assumed sane person would have understood but I guess not.

    A man shouldn't kill his wife unless she does something very extreme, such as try to kill him first.
    I dont believe cheaters ought to be killed, I believe it is wrong to kill someone for following natural urges and instincts.

    Far as guns being men, I think the purpose of men is to kill, to think, and to build, enemy men and animals. The role of the man is to defend the tribe, attack enemy men, and hunt and kill animals.
    But we live in a civilized age, an age where there isn't supposed to be pain and suffering. So the role of man is no longer to kill, but to build and to think. But again if this is the age of pain and suffering, then why is it that society only cares about ending wars, but does not give empathy to the pain and suffering to lonely, sexually frustrated males.
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  7. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Valued Senior Member

    No. You need to stop making believe.

    Start dealing with reality.

    If you can't, do let us know. See, one of the reasons people are receiving you so harshly is that we presume each other competent, that the other actually has a clue, until otherwise established.

    And this is important: I have yet to see, in your three-hundred plus posts, anything that couldn't be been posted by a bot, or that isn't generic trolling.

    And the thing about being angry and just wanting to despise people is that they will eventually notice.

    How do you think anyone should take someone who behaves precisely in a manner as to preclude what he claims to want?

    It's not funny; people will eventually change the channel, and give their attention to something more interesting: Too bad, so sad, don't care.

    But no, you're not going to pick up many chicks when you go out of your way to present a threat.
  8. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    Nice lines there, but doesn't actually posit a counter argument.

    If I sound like a bot to you then you are actually ignorant of how chat bots actually sound like.
  9. TheFrogger Banned Valued Senior Member

    Gamelord. Society WAS originally all male until God castrated one male for killing his partner. ☺
  10. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    K here is the video.

    Finally, you've made an actual post that wasn't complete nonsense.

    Yes, fair enough, women have more of those risks. However, on the other hand, it is they who tend to be attracted to those kind of brutish males who would do that to them in the first place. And no the nice guy, beta male thing is not a complete myth. People try to create a myth that "nice-guys" are really bad people, and that women don't date bullies and jocks, and then they use Eliot Rodgers to "prove" that most "nice-guys" are bad people, when it's really the after-the-fact, nice-guys become bitter and bad people just like traumatized villians in a Disney movie, after seeing their chances ruined by girls who date abusive, alpha-male jocks and always complaining about their abusive boyfriends yet repetitively only dating abusive boyfriends. You see it is that many women are attracted to the type of brute who ironically gives them those kind of unforeseen complications.

    I think it is you who is posturing yourself as damnably stupid, because I keep saying that incel, stands for involuntary celibate, and you keep saying it is a choice.
    Then you make loose assertions that if someone is involuntary celibate, they automatically agree with all incels on all views, and that all MRAs are clone robot armies who agree with each other on all views 100%, this seems reflected in your perception that men are to blame of all the worlds problems, as if they are all one unified hivemind entity who agrees with each other 100% on all issues.

    I don't see the logic in this statement.

    It is true that society cannot provide girlfriends, however it can stop making it so damnably difficult by stop perpetuating this primitive culture of a toxically masculine mindset of saying all males must rigidly obey gender norms and be perfect specimens. Rap music is the ultimate essence of this, but it is in all parts of culture not just rap.

    The same could be argued of rap music, that blacks portray themselves as criminals. But I would like to reclaim the word and say not all incels are rapists. The word incel means involuntary celibate. Now mathematically speaking, someone who doesn't get any, in a place where prostitution is made illegal, might eventually lose their sense of morality and do some criminal things. Just like blacks, who are living in poverty, mathematically, poor people might lose their sense of morality and do some criminal things.

    You accused me of wanting to purge heterosexuals. And now you post gobble-de-gook deflecting from your own accusation, which was nonsense to begin with.

    It's like if I was in a court room, and you accused me of murder, and the cops and judges exonerate me and say "Your murder accusations are false, we have evidence that such and such was at this place and time, it is on record."
    And then you say "Oh but by the way, did you know that they have some library fees overdue, it means they are a bad person."

    I don't remember any question, mostly insults.
    Wait I do remember the question now, you were saying would all women hate me for standing up for myself.
    The question was, does the complaining about sexual double standard and inequal treatment towards males, anger women enough not to date me.
    Yes I believe many narcissistic, american women would be angered that I complain about being a male, they would tell me to "man up" and get confidence, stop complaining, suck it up, tell me about how bad periods and pregnancy is, and then blame me for all the horrible things my ancestors did to them in their supposed past lives.

    I wouldn't make it the main profile point of my political platform, as american society is backwards and primitive and judgey about those things. It is akin to a bee-like hive where males are expected to take it, not complain, not share their feelings and take whatever second class status american society affords to them. If a male shows a sign of weakness he is stripped and shamed of his stoic title. Even for standing up for Mens Rights he is declared to be a bad person. Then feminism is praised for its equality, a monopoly saying only feminism can bring equality, mens rights=bad and evil, or so they say.

    My argument was not that, but fair enough you misunderstood what I meant due to me using the word "provided".
    So I will make it clear, american society views males as worthless and disposable, they are generally unloved and unwanted by most. The state offers them a deal, you work a lot as our slave, we will give you the promise of eventually making enough money that materialist females will want to be with you.

    It may be necessary at least in the near future, in order to prevent the greedy men who run this show to stop destroying the planet.
  11. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    Was this in the Bible, or one of your made up stories?

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  12. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    Feminist emasculation.
    What happened to the days of good old-fashioned lust?
    Oh yeah I forgot, females are allowed to be sluts, but if a male is a slut he is an evil sexist.

    It is the free country, I have a right to feel angry and frustrated that my needs are not met.
    Make myself a better person?
    I have always been a good person and better than most. And yet, here I am, still alone most of the time.
  13. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    I cannot compress my posts sometimes because of the 10000 character limit.

    I would say your bits are mostly incoherent.
    For example,
    I say "Hot girls shames man for wanting her because she is hot. Yet, observing this girl's dating patterns, she only dates hot guys herself."
    This would seem to be clear cut case of moral hypocrisy, seemingly like Yahweh's "Do as I say not as I do."
    Yet you try to explain it away with evolution.
    It would be similar to a rapist saying "But my evolutionary instincts made me rape."
    If that does not fly in debate, then using evolutionary excuses for bad behavior should not fly for females either.

    Yes because a man must be confident, etc. Even though idea of a confident animal in a hostile city is an oxymoron. What i mean is that, man is out of his element, placed inside a land of infinite rules and toxic cubicles, and then expected to be happy and confident.

    Fair enough. Although in America today, there are a large majority of ignorant females, though this could be explained due to male feminization and female masculinzation.

    The answer is obvious. Because males are raised to be physically unattractive and wear drab clothes with no makeup. Furthermore their toxic masculinity actually damages their physical appearance and makes them physically ugly. Plus they smell bad, so gay porn reminds them of the smells. Whereas lesbian porn is all that is good with the world, makes them escape from their male hell.
    I would hazard a guess as to why lesbian porn is more popular than actual lesbians in the office, because in porn they are in fantasy land, removed from reality, while in real life they see lesbians and get jealous, and it reminds them they are stuck in male hell.

    And don't even try to say that male hell is a myth, you've literally proved it with your ridiculous rock videos.

    I would say 99% percent, as indicated by my above comments.

    That is a delusional fallacy. No. It is the world the rich elite wanted, to keep the majority of males down. And yes any men who are brainwashed to support the dogma are the enemy, same as any women brainwashed to support the dogma are the enemy.

    This really isn't rocket science here. I'm not going to spend money on a woman who doesn't love me. And its not prostitution, I'm talking about a woman who genuinely loves me and isn't just using me for money, though those are hard to find these days.

    All I ask is that society does not make it explicitly illegal and impossible, which it does. Never asked society to automatically give me a suprise hooker on my birthday, although it would be nice.

    You are over complicating this thing. I can tell in my gut if a woman loves me. It is more than her not being in the mood for sex. I can tell the difference between her not being in the mood for sex, and someone who doesn't love me and is just pretending to like me to get money out of me.

    As far as marriage, marriage is for children. It has no benefit to adults. It is just so people can't just escape raising their kids. The current marriage system is meant to enslave males, as males will beg not to divorce and obey any ultimatum, in order for the wife not to leave them. Because if the wife leaves them, then a. they may not get to spend very much time with their kids and b. still have to pay a ton of money to the kids that they rarely get to see, and also pay a ton of money to the ex they hate. Which of course is absolutely, totally sexist.

    My ideal system, would be that a male is allowed to have sex with other girls if his wife does not put out. This would decrease the likelyhood of rape and divorce. But sadly we live in a close-minded, Puritan religious system where such an act is shamed.

    I dont know how you see it like that, I am obviously trying to erode the current gender dogma, which puts males into a corner and tells them that males are not allowed to challenge traditional male gender norms.
    And yes all americans are guilty of this, men and women.
    For instance, women on fetlife mostly say they only want dominant males. So any male who is submissive is looked down on by america. Any male who doesnt obey the macho dogma is looked down on in america. And its a double standard where women can do masculine jobs and wear masculine clothes, yet males are shamed for any sign of femininity.
  14. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    Yes, Japan is weird, in general. Where society is uptight about sex you get that kind of thing. As you mentioned, porn in the U.S. is more popular for similar reasons.

    That doesn't effect every individual however. Plenty of people have healthy sex lives, plenty don't, some have them from time to time and some never do. It's about individuals and not about society.

    If a guy had a girlfriend that turned out to be pretty uptight about sex and that never changed, he would probably find another girlfriend where that wasn't a problem. Women who are comfortable in their skin and who have control of their lives tend to enjoy sex, just like guys.

    That has little to do with sex and more to do with choice. More people stayed together, in the past, for societal pressures and are better off now. This has nothing to do with lack of male love. Men instigate divorces as well as women.

    Maybe they just have opinions similar to yours. You don't seem to like all that many people, going by your comments, and some of your views could be considered cruel don't you think?
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2018
  15. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    These weren't my comments you were responding to but I'll comment anyway. You keep saying that males are physically unattractive and wear drab clothes with no makeup. Obviously this isn't a "fact" that most people agree with.

    I prefer women who wear little to no makeup. You've never said it specifically (or maybe you have) but if you are a transvestite why not just admit it and admit that all of your comments about "america" have little to do with "america" and a lot to do with a transvestite perspective?

    You claim that you want someone who loves you but really you just want someone who "put's out". There is really very little interest in women coming from your posts. If you were more honest with yourself in this regard maybe you would feel less rejection from the women that you really don't want in the first place?

    Your perspective of "america" is skewed. "America" isn't "fetlife". If you want to be femine, be femine and dress however you want to. It's not up to America to embrace you. If enough guys start wearing makeup and dresses so that it is more commonplace, they would be more accepted by "America".

    It doesn't work the other way around. Most guys aren't dying for the chance to wear dresses and makeup and most who are, are hoping to attract a male, not a female.
  16. Beer w/Straw Transcendental Ignorance! Valued Senior Member

    Alpha males turn me on. They make beta males cower!

    They also have gunz!

  17. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member


    As far as I can tell, men still cop a lot less criticism and judgment for sleeping around than women do.

    You don't actually need somebody to have sex with you, you know. You just want that, which is a different thing.

    But it's not other people's fault if they don't want to have sex with you. Don't you think it's about time you looked at yourself and started to think about why people might find you unattractive?

    No doubt that your hero, Eliot Rodger, felt the same way, right up to when he decided to murder innocent people. And, disturbingly, I have yet to see anything from you to say that you think that what he did was wrong. Rather, it seems like you idolise him. And you wonder why a woman might think you're dangerous.

    That "better than most" thing you've got going there is dangerous. You're not better than other people. They don't owe you on account of your superiority. You aren't entitled to do with them what you will. They don't deserve your condemnation or enmity if they refuse to satisfy your sexual desires.
  18. Write4U Valued Senior Member

    It's not physical. Women are differet from men in that they do not necessarily look at physical assets but rather at mental assets. Start there.
    Attractive women don't need to be told they are attractive, they know they are attractive. An unattractive woman doesn't want to be told she is unattractive, she knows she is unattractive.

    All women want to be told they are smart and delightful and that is the most important thing. That's true flattery and will get you much closer.
  19. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    All everyone posts is mostly lies and false nonsense.

    I feel like I'm battling a fleet of enemy bogeys, all on my lonesome and I am a F22. This is the song in my head right now
  20. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    Such men are fools. What man would divorce and thus pay alimony for the rest of his days, unless his wife was unbearable.

    Cant remember any of my views which are cruel. Second I may hate humanity in general, but I hate humanity because they abuse their friends, so I try not to abuse my friends like that community often does.

    You pick out a couple hot guys in your head, and then extrapolate and imagine all guys are hot. That is what most people do it seems.
    The vast majority of guys are not hot to women, this has been confirmed and I have personally surveyed many women on this.

    The other thing is, makeup is a technique women use to enhance their features, robbing males of this technique is cheating, giving women a seductive advantage.
    And you might say "wearing makeup is legal" but the social attitude of making it a negative idea, reduce its seductive advantage of males.
    Same with the drab clothes thing, society looks negatively on males wearing pretty clothes reducing its seductive advatnage, giving women two key advantages.
    There are some males (not all, some) who have a kind of "bland" features where everything just blends in and looks like a soppy mess. These kind of males need makeup because they dont have striking features especially around the eyes. You ever see predator animals, like snakes, birds of prey, tigers, etc? They all have black eyeliner around their eyes. Denying males makeup is denying their ability to peacock, it makes males look weak.
    Women are prettier inherently, whereas males need makeup more to compensate for their lack of physical beauty. But sadly we live in a culture where it is the reverse.

    False statement. My comment was about male divorce. I want a woman who loves me and who puts out, what is so hard to see about it?

    If I said in the 60's, if I want to be black and go to white cities, its not up to America to embrace me, you would call me a racist. Yet somehow you get a free ticket to use the same cop-out argument as that. Defending gender norms is rarely acceptable.

    And yeah that is why I lost faith in men, they are slaves who support the status quo and male brainwashing slavery. Males are brainwashed into gender norms and fearful to disobey, wont stand up for it, wont take a stand for male beauty, I lost my faith in them long ago and hold them with resentment.

    My ideal world would be a world of only women. No need for fascist laws to enforce rules, much less criminals, and safe to walk the streets. No wars, no greedy businesses. There would be businesses, but these would be fair and good entities. In this world there would be a small amount of males to breed the human race, but that's it.

    Brittany spears turns me on.

    Not according to feminism, feminism shames male sexuality.
    But yes some men slut shame women. Basically because they want a virgin woman all to themselves.
    Feminists slut shame men, basically because they hate male sexuality.

    No its a need. Studies show that lonely celibates die young.

    It is others fault, if they judge me based on lies about me that arent true, or if they judge me based on unrealistic societal standards theyve been brainwashed to adhere to, or if they judge me because I go outside one day looking bad because I'm not wearing makeup, because of societal pressures getting the best of me causing me to lose the courage to wear makeup one day.

    A total lie and fabrication, this is the level of hysteria and nonsense of American politicking. I said I agree with Eliot on one view point, that the dating zone is unfair, and so, according to your warped perception of reality, somehow he is my hero and I idolize him?

    Let me make one thing clear.

    I hate his guts, in fact there is a guy I hate in real life who looks the same as him, which makes me hate him even more.
    Second he was a pathetic villian who failed his mission and only killed his own guys, third he did insane torture which I hate. In fact if he was still alive I'd kill him myself, i would choke him to death with my bare hands. Screw his idea of a man's only world, what I want is the exact opposite, a woman's only world. You know that scene in batman where Joker pushes that Electro-man-badguy out of a building? I want it to be that, except its Eliot Rodgers being pushed out a building.

    +1 for truth, +0 for the lies.

    Fake news loses today.

    I am better than most people. For one, I dont believe in religion, two I dont believe in modern politcs, three I dont believe in American gender norms brainwashing, four I am against animal abuse and meat industry. That makes me better than 99 percent of Americans. Fifth its their fault they dont sexualize me, by forcing me into a society with rigid gender norms where I am often not allowed to express myself as I see fit.

    Yeah but what about me? I want to be told by women, that I am smart and delightful and not just in a platonic way. Cause it seems like when a woman says that to you, she means it only in a platonic way.
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2018
  21. TheFrogger Banned Valued Senior Member

    A straight woman wants a man. Men are b*st*rds. If you want a woman, break her heart. She'll never get over you.

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  22. Beer w/Straw Transcendental Ignorance! Valued Senior Member

    I'll take your word for it, yet don't you have a disdain for her was well?

    Please do not consider this an argument but you said pop singers basically give off bad vibes. Hence, wouldn't there be some ambivalence towards her then?
  23. Write4U Valued Senior Member

    That's a start, no. Since the beginning of time the male have had to show the female that they are worthy to father her children. If you cannot do this by being Mr. Atlas, then do it by being "smarter than the average bear".
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