gender views cause of incel.

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How poor? Do you have a car and decent home?
What is your race? As I mentioned earlier, women on dating sites tend to be closet racist, and look for either purebred whites, or well-endowed black males.

Also, the epiliptic thing may trigger the female nurse reflex, in the same way women gravitate to cripples or injured males.

Well, there you go then--just fake it. Watch a few episodes of House MD and study the work of Spazz Attack and you'll have it down in no time. Women will be flocking to you.

Start at 2:54, and it's imperative that you get the back-flip just right.

Click because you know you want it.

Honestly, I have no idea what you are saying.

Stating the obvious with the word "honestly" in front of it does not, on this occasion, help anyone.


(1) "It's like, if I flipped it around, and said 'I dumped a girl cause she was only a B cup, and I need Double D's, they are my 'type' ...."

Show me the woman who is going to dump a guy because his boobs are merely B cup instead of DD.​

(2) "If I said 'I dumped a girl because she had the wrong zodiac' ...."

You really have no idea what you are saying. No guy "dumped a girl because she had the wrong zodiac". You're just making that part up because you don't get how the zodiac thing works. You don't dump someone for having the wrong sun sign in the zodiac; if you do, then you're a freaking idiot for having hooked up with them in the first place. Zodiac signs are, as we might thus wonder, often cause for rejection up front; we should also note on this point that sometimes it's not the sun sign itself so much as the fact that someone asked. In the end, if having the wrong astrological sign is the reason one is dumped, it is either information the departing partner came to recently, or is a symptomatic failure of these relationships. But since you appear to appreciate simple stereotypes, sometimes one falls in love with another despite obvious dangers of disruption and damage, and sometime later dumps that other because, as any stereotypical American wife of white-privilege phallocracy can tell you, she really can't change him, how people wrap up their perceived and self-accused failure is both consistent and variable. The consistency is to find some external preclusion; the variability is what people come up with. If he's just too bullheaded, she should have known better than to fall for a Taurus. If he's too fickle, she shouldn't have fallen in love with an Aries. Too nitpickety? That's what you get for hanging with Libras. Confusing righteous ferocity? Silly girl, she fell for a Gemini. Zealously judicious singlemindedness without regard to reality? Virgo is as Virgo does. Frankly, it's a lot easier to just shrug and say something about God and mysterious ways. It's like you're reciting story points without actually knowing the story that goes with it, and while this is often generational—(e.g., some people a little younger than you make no sense to some people a little older than you because where cultural references intersect, there is at least one additional valence of meta- to account for, as certain historical references mean something different depending on when one encounters them. You, by contrast, present yourself as if devoid of any perception beyond the superficial reference itself. In this episode, for instance, you have missed pretty much everything about astrology in dating.​

(3) "If I said 'I only date purebred white women, or black women with a big ass' ...."

When you cling to the superficial, there is a significant risk of straying from purpose. Purebred white is a question of racism; black and bigassed are questions of both racism and sexism, or maybe not, except most bigassers aren't calling for big asses for the view, and if they are, it's overwhelmingly about what they find sexy. Still, though, we come to a particular point, and there are multiple aspects, but it boils down to: Beggars cannot be choosers.

This is hardly news, but it's why nobody really likes PUAs, nor has any sympathy for failed puas like mgtows or incels. See, the problem is that puas just aren't smart enough to understand what it means to not be beggars, and the wannabes too stupid to comprehend that failure. As I had occasion to note a couple months ago↑: The first and foremost point is that incels need to get personalities worth knowing.

The wannabes—those pua failures—can't be bothered to pay attention to what anyone else has to say. Sure, they'll gab and then fight among themselves, but one of the reasons they don't know what women are actually saying, thinking, or feeling, is that incels, mgtows, and other determined alienata refuse to pay any attention to anything they don't want to hear.

And here we find a living example. You clearly don't know how people deal with racism, either, because you're not paying attention. Honestly, if she's not interested in the black because she has a thing for Japanese-ish prettyboys, okay, it's actually hard enough to figure the objection until someone makes it. If she actually has a racist reason for excluding dark skin, people do take note, call out, &c. You describe unreal icons, totems, stereotypes, and potsherd mythopoeia.

In the end, a man needs to get over himself, stop identifying himself and his worth according to what he hates, and stop begging. In the supply and demand of sexuality and reproduction within society, men established and enforced the systemic outcomes you lament. There is a joke about Satanists and atheists that really, really confuses the latter and insults the hell out of the former tired of being blamed for everything, including atheism; and it has to do with not so much stepping outside the box, but, rather, stomping purposefully over to another part of the arena and donning opposing colors for the duration of the same match as if that somehow makes a point.​


But women do all of these things, and noone bats an eye, its just normal operations, and if I don't like it, tough.

No. I mean, sure, you can find a woman, somewhere, who is racist; and you can certainly find one with fucked up ideas about astrology and romance; if you can find a girl who dumped a guy because his B-cup boobs weren't DD, do let us know because morbid fascination is perfectly human, and how many of us ever encounter genuine moobiphilia? Maybe next you can find the freaky who dumped a guy because his ass hair is the wrong texture for properly licking clean.

We find ourselves at a familiar juncture↗, and a point about how we don't really get any detail in the story, and the advice to not waste much effort trying to figure out these aspects of fundamental dishonesty.

Lastly, it's worth noting that if you took a deep breath and tried to wrap your head around the ludicrous suck about the moobies, and actually tried to explain yourself, you would likely end up falling down another hole you find utterly unsatisfactory. And this is part of what people don't like to deal with; to wit, if I start grasping about for the sympathetic surrogate, the point at which I know what you're getting at, we find ourselves coming↑ back↑ to the unfortunate inquiry that is, in fact, not a joke: What if they don't know they have dicks?

Because there there really are some angry men out there who really seem to not know what their dicks are.​
Ok I guess I am talking with a Mrs. Literal here.

Like, learn to make according pairs in your brain. Obviously, I didn't mean than men had litteral double D's, I was referring to the metaphorical equivalent of, if you are physically imperfect women will make excuses not to date you.

The rest of the nonsense you posted, I don't even have the energy to discuss. I am just assuming there are sane and rational people lurking the internet, who will see some of the mistakes you make and I won't have to explain it to them, because clearly discussing stuff with you is going nowhere.

More bs, it never ends.

Now people can't believe Christian therapists, or incel therapists exist.

The bs never ends.
You miss the important point.

A real therapist would not be sharing that kind of information about themselves to their patients.

Which indicates a few possibilities. Your therapist is just some person you chat to online, to whom you whine about women and he is telling you what you want to hear because you found each other on a website for incels and you share the same pathetic ideology. Or you were recommended by someone you know from one of these groups, because your therapist happens to be one of you and you are going there for validation about your beliefs, or you are lying.

Any of these possibilities = bad for you.

You start with a bigotted statement, saying that "incel is an idealogy".
It is very much an ideology. And a deadly and dangerous one at that.

Black is not an idealogy. It is a condition.
Please explain to me how you think being black, is a condition?

Do you think there is something wrong with being black?

Incel is not an idealogy. It is a condition.
Oh, that is where you are wrong. It is very much an ideology. The "condition" is your excuse. The crux of your incel beliefs stem from a women hating ideology and your sense of entitlement. From what I linked above:

The incel ideology follows as such: Incels believe that they are irredeemably ugly and that is why they cannot have sexual or romantic relationships. They believe that no amount of self-improvement, mentally or physically, will improve their prospects. This is because incels think women only care about a man’s appearance. They portray women as shallow, brainless beings who would never look beyond appearances. As is consistent with men’s rights activism, incels think feminism and women’s sexual liberation is a net negative because women are not choosing to have sex with them. Ideally, incels would be able to have access to women’s bodies whenever without any backlash—or input from women. Woman do not have any worth unless they are sexually available to men according to the incels. Incels refuse to see women as people with their own desires, and that perhaps their virginity stems from their mistreatment of women and not their perceived physical unattractiveness. The largest contradiction of inceldom is how they shame women for having lots of sex, but also expect women to have lots of sex—with them. In fact, incels have a unique vocabulary with which they demean women’s sexual activities and more.

This is you. This is your (and Pluto1's) whine.

It is an ideology. You are like a festering little pustule of pus of a cult almost.

Some blacks see eye to eye, many blacks like rap music. not all do.
Yo, moronic bigot..

Being black is not a condition.
Not all incels see eye to eye, but they share the same condition.
Sorry to burst your bubble, but your connected and collective stupidity is not a "condition".

You deliberately chose and continue to choose to be a misogynistic, bigoted and entitled twat.

Let me know when you want to take a break from being a bigot and argue reasonably, without using emotionally fueled tricks and tactics.
And let us know when you decide to stop posting like an idiot and you may be taken a bit more seriously. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem 'the stupid' is about to end anytime soon.

There are no tricks or tactics in what I posted. There is reality. There is science. You come back with racist and dumbarse crap how being black is a condition.

If you said "Black men view women as a piece of meat" I could easily call you a racist and get thunderous applause.
Because they do not in general?

But when you use the same argument for incels, you get the support of the audience, because Incel is well, the new thing to be a bigot of, since its no longer cool to be racist, humans have to have a new outlet for their bigotry, a new scapegoat to abuse, a new target for humanity's collective ids.
You have posted the misogynistic ideology that turns women into pieces of meat, you advocated raping women, etc...

You think we owe you what you demand, what you ridiculously believe you need and you expect us to give it to you, because that is what you believe you are entitled to.
The bigotry never went away, it was just replaced with something else. You see, humans will always be the same, never able to escape their long lineage of ancient bigotry.
Your ideology is inherited. Your women hating attitude, your misogyny, your sense of entitlement, your bigotry, is more than likely because of how you were brought up. Women probably did not rate well in your household, were never deemed equal, you were probably brought up to believe that women owed you, that they were less worthy than you, that their fundamental human rights do not exist unless you allow it to exist, that women have their place, you were probably brought up believing that being male made you superior to women. The bigotry, beliefs and ideology you espoused has always been around. The only difference now is that we are calling you out on the bullshit.

I don't get why people have so much faith in drugs. Many of them have side effects. What is your goal here? To reduce my libido? Then we still have the problem of loneliness itself.
Aren't you the same person who was whining in another thread that your father could not get opioids?

Now my crucial post to Bells is this:
It is not that you and I are that different from each other. We both hate people for the same reasons.

For instance, you claim "males view women as a piece of meat."

My argument is that women just view males as a piece of meat. For example, in terms of looks, say there is a 5/10 looking guy and a 5/10 loooking woman. The 5/10 guy is willing to date a 3/10 woman, but the 5/10 woman is only willing to date a 10/10 guy.
So you are scoring them on how they look?

What the hell is a 5/10? What does that even mean?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What is attractive to one is not going to be attractive to another.

You are carrying on as though you are grading cattle or a horse.

Worse still, you then have the audacity to call others shallow:

And that is what I have a problem with, the same shallow behavoir you accuse men of. It's just, I see it as women are more guilty of it than men, but very good at covering it up. Then someone will post about some famous ugly person, who gets a lot of girls, and I'm like, that' still shallow af, it's saying you have to be rich and famous to find love. So you and I aren't that different, it's just you won't accept that women are guilty of the things you dislike about people.
And blame women for it.

Sex is a human need. So is attention and companionship. Mental illness and depression forms without it. It is proven that celibates have lower lifespans than sexually healthy people. It is not healthy living a life where you are constantly told you are too physically unnattractive to love.
I want you to provide the actual studies to support these claims. You have been challenged on this already and you have taken something completely unrelated and applied it to this claim. So I want you to provide scientific studies that show that:

"celibates have lower lifespans than sexually healthy people"

And no, online tricks of and by incels does not count as a scientific study, as you tried to claim in this thread.
It seems to happen every few days or so akoreamerica. Would you like to examine my droppings for an accurate diagnosis? :p
Well there's only the food I've eaten in there. Nothing else! Should there be??

Interestingly doctors can know everything about your health from a stool sample. Even if you've broken your leg. This is because it contains your D.N.A..
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