Gender in two opposites is essential for social health.....


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I am of the opinion that society can not grow or even survive without proper gender division. Whoever claims scientific reasons in contrast to this is absolute phony. I also read the book ....but I feel those were the worst moments of my life which I am not going to get back.The point of the book was so pointless and the theory so confusing.............I feel Man is the extension of woman .. is worst theory of century
Yeah i sometimes too wake at nights, after having relived those times i read books that turned out to be a waste of my time..

Sarcasm aside, there will allways be weirdos who will think this or that is holy/important or something,
and women are always a focus-point of men.
What book?

Also, most people do make their own gender determination at some point, it's just that gender isn't as fixed as we once thought.