Gadhafi is dead.

that's one of the functions of the ICC, to try crimes against humanity and war crimes and murder of an unarmed prisoner (no matter who he is) and torture both fall under the definition of war crimes

You think the ICC is going to come in there and try to arrest someone?
No, you didnt say you surport torture but you said

That's very close to what people were saying about David Hicks, especially Howard. "Oh he's a terrorist so who cares if he was tortured".

You are comparing Hicks to Gadhafi?

And where did I say i supported torture? Link?

His crimes are one thing and surly irrelevant now he's dead.
I'm sorry, what?

Do you want to say that to his victims who managed to survive and to the families of those who died?

However the crimes that were commited against him are just as horrific and deserve just as great a penalty as if they were commited against anyone else.
The person who shot him was actually a minor, from what I understand.

And while what was done to him was horrific, I would hardly say it is just as horrific to what he did during his 42 year reign. To claim it so is a bit obscene and ridiculous in my opinion.

The very basis of our society is that it no matter what you don't get to inflict your own penalty.
And in a society that has dropped into anarchy and they have their hands on the very man who made their lives hell for 42 years, do you really think they were going to stop and say 'no, no, we do not have the right to inflict our own penalty'?

Just like you cant run your ex over with a car and a parent who's child was abducted and murdered by a paedophile doesn't get to kill the perpetrator and they certainly don't get to torture them,

If someone murders my child and/or rapes them. I will kill them.

why is this any different?
Possibly because the people who killed them had endured suffering and pain and fear for all of their lives and they got to exact their revenge. I don't think they went about it the right way, but it was their ultimate choice. No one really knows who did it all yet. I would personally have preferred he be captured alive and put on trial and humiliated in public for all the evils he pertrated on the people of Libya and on others, but that's just me.

He was not a sad victim. What was done to him does not nullify the evils he committed while he ruled.
Liybians for one are not starving, their biomass appears to be much higher than other humans in Africa. Given this point Gadhafi has managed the present stature of the lybian people. even in his demise as a ruler or dictator as long as he has pushed the lybians to a point of achivevement and or maintained the Biological Stature of the general population insuring reproduction and longevity of the population he would have served his purpose well as a ruler.
Lybia is a desert land a place where common goods must be Marshalledor directed , a change from a dictator or monarchy, Socialist State to a Democary and capitalist state may prove very difficult for lybian people, even with a change certain ways of life will still be strict where in the population must serve that point of social circumstance with out question (barring advancements in technology that bring change from diffcult conditions).
Western viewpoint assume mental conjector from the point of thier living enviroment where they assume natural resources are avilable, and that they are also avilable in lybia, which of course is not true as lybia has limited resources.

Given the invovlement of United Nations and N.A.T.O. And the base line of their verbal advertisement to the world population by spokes persons in the media, their exist a betrayal of intrest. Wherein they pronounce care of the civillian population but exercised no action to collect the dead and proccess the bodies for revial.
Currently the Lybian goverment is with out the protocol, or organization to collect its dead and proccess bodies for storage. why did not United Nations and N.A.T.O. provide this support to the exisiting goverment or organize for maganement the nessacry procedures, they where reaching hosptials. what was it that stopped them from using advanced technoliges to protect and preserve human life. the majority of resource where avialble. It seems that the UN and N.A.T.O providing technological support where only intrested in causeing death.

A death toll under 50,000 for 8 months, gives about 208 people per day which would require about 300 people to proccess the bodies seeing that they work daily. how come this was not given technological support. The United Nations seems to be grossly out of focus in the effcient management of affairs.

Well, It remains that with former organization changed, Lybia will have to start out on a new footing. It would have been nice to see the liybians start with a practice that preserves life in thier region of the world.
The new technologies of current define the incoming future of human practise, and at this time in world history collecting and presevering the dead after such a mass death event would show marked prefromance. Certainly United Nations should have forseen mass death in the efforts of N.A.T.O. and in the event of the civil war starting in Lybia, and shown Executive Leadership in the details of preseveing the dead for revial exspecailly when the base note of United Nations is world governship.

In the Consideration of Lybia the biological conditions where favorable, the general population has a low communicable diease Population(For example: a almost zero HIV population). This meant that handling of bodies would be safer and the bodies carring less bacteria resulting in less rot of the corpses. As well a population with a high biomass index as that of lybians would handle proccessing and storage better even when in longterm cold storage.
Materials needed to make conatiners for storing the dead for revial at a later time where readily avilable, this condition existed as Sand is broadly distributed in Lybia. This one resource material silicate meant that operations could have been carried out quickly in comparison to other regions of the world and provided the structue of houseing which would be the main burden in prepareing the dead in mass numbers.
Other materials such as Oils,Hydrocarbons where also avilable as lybia has oil reserves and a chemical knowlege base of oils that could produce soultions for treating and preparing the dead for storage.

In short the conditions for managing Lybia in a mass death event where good.

However the neglect of N.A.T.O. Generals and its body of organization shows that death is the only card they have to play in their role as leaders of Human Society. This has seemed to be the trend over the last 10 years by NATO countires even in the face of steady advancement in the preservation and reconstruction of the human being.

United Nations should have known ahead of time that a incoming goverment after a civil war would have difficulty in proccessing the dead and even the injured, and should have provided the technological support, such organization assitance should have been required of NATO given the invovlement of NATO to cause death within lybia wit UN go ahead.

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Well, DaDos

What has he done that sets you against him.

Are you against the washing and preparing proccess of his dead body for cold storage.

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Well he had bad hair. It never looked right.

And then there was the supporting all that genocidal stuff.

But I hear he had a great singing voice.
Didn't he short-change a customer once when he ran the corner shop?
before i learned of ghaddafi's genocides, he was my favorite arab leader, he spoke his mind so freely politics covered its face, he always made the other arab leaders look like the asswipes they are in summits and meetings.

though he had a couple of loose wires, or a lot..