Future computer outlook

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Texas Instruments did some work similar to what you describe, many years ago using a circular flat panel inclined to 45 degrees with a high speed rotation. That invention died in the vine....
Tetra's origional idea about data compression

Wow I have had exactly the same idea.

and I sort of have an idea of how you do it!

I have thought myself for a long time..

1 all data is binary
2 what makes one set of data different to the other is only the order the binary data is arranged

3 why bother therefore to store lots of the same stuff on a hard drive

4 and why bother give the cpu streams and streams of stuff that its processed which is virtually the same as the last lot of binary data!

5 why not have a set of algorithms that breakdown any information to its core unique components and then its expanded up again

im not talking about normal data compression like winzip

the sort of thing i am talking about is where you could reduce a whole operating system down to less than 1k

as a sort of physical analogy i am thinking of oragami!

I havent got enough space but if anyone is interested I will reply!
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