Fuel choices, Global Warming & Polution

swivel said:
Seems like it would be wisest to use up all of our cheap fuel first. Like oil, coal, natural gas, etc...

Moving to a more expensive alternative will just mean cheaper natural fuels for the rest of the developing world. It is a losing proposition for whatever country moves away from oil, and a win for everyone that stays pat.

And since productivity levels show no sign of leveling off, whatever research and development we do today will be much cheaper and easier at a later date. Let the laptop manufacturers, who already have an economic incentive to improve battery technology, subsidize the future research.

I think we are forcing economic decisions due to pressure from extremists, rather than due to reason, or pure economics.
I think you are absolutely correct from a purely economic perspective. But at some point you have to decide how much economic value you place on the environmental and national security benefits. When all three are weighed then there is some point where you reach the "break-even" point: where the economic cost is not too bad and the benefits are worth the price. I think we are getting there soon, not yet, but soon.

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