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No spirit/soul is pseudoscience and all religion is pretty much delusional nonsense.
All religion is nothing more than a failed attempt to make people feel "better" by trying to make them "forget" how cruel and harsh this world and humans can be and believe me humans can be pretty evil and sadistic to one another.

If humans have a soul then other animals also must have a soul/spirit too which is nonsense because they don't.

The fact is that humans are biological machines just like the other animals in the animal kingdom and machines can't have a spirit or a soul.

The Spirit/Soul has nothing to do with religion , they both exist anyway .

Highlighted , the body is the machine , a living machine , the Brain and Mind is the intellect . The Soul is the Spirit . The Soul/Spirit is an energy form . Hence the paranormal , supernatural , both are based on Life .
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This thread appears to be an attempt by river to avoid his exclusion from posting in the Science sections. Perhaps river should have thought more carefully about his behaviours if he wanted to post in those subforums. Too late now.
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