"Free Thoughts" Is The Top Dog Now...

Bowser, what is wrong with being liberal? When it comes to someone dishing me up some chocolate cake and ice cream, I want them to be very liberal. (It just so happens that I am very conservative when it comes to gun ownership. And some other things.)
a liberal crowd, eh? hmmmmmm.......interesting supposition......hard to say, for me......the group
dynamics is interesting, though....

tis all a very big mess
You can be certain that we have some split personalities at play here, but that's okay.

I can't stay here much longer; I need to get back to work on my own site. I stopped in only for a short break from my own efforts.
i think that the crowd is slowly turning more conservative, but it certianly started out quite liberal
Bowser said:
This must be a liberal crowd.

I've always thought of "free thoughts" as more of a right brained concept as opposed to 'liberal'. Liberal is to say that people are open to a wide range of ideas, but I've noticed that people here tend to pick things apart (characteristic of rational-analytical thinking) so they aren't neccesarily liberal.

--Which actually makes me wonder about something----- I've chatted at a lot of places, and I've noticed that the 'general chat' forums tends to move alot faster than ther other forums that are dedicated to a specific subject.
An example-- let's say it's an automotive forum with sub-categories for different makes/models of cars, and one forum labelled "click here to shoot the breeze". All of the topic-constrained forums would have a few bits of traffic here and there, and the 'shoot the breeze' forum would overtake them all.

Here is a couple of rough guesstimates as to what could be happening:

1. The majority is right brained because they tend to generate a large number of un-constrained topics.
2. A few right brainers create a large number of unconstrained topics, and the majority left brainers habitually pick them apart creating the majority of traffic.

Of course, I'm probably missing something here.
What's ironic about this situation is there are a lot of people that get pissed off about bring up old threads, yet when someone wants to discuss something they say "look for past threads and stop making new posts."
Though it would get annoying if we had maybe 50 set threads and they are all like 200 pages long each because new posts are forbidden.