FREE Online RPGs???

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How's the envirement in EVE-Online comming along, I played it doing early to middle beta and althou an impressive grafik engine i felt the game lacked something, it just felt empty. Is the krath emperium still around?.

Im in runescape now, same world as the monkey, not the black monkey but the other monkey, the one thats not black or a statue.
its hillarious, its some bad when compare to mode standalone clients, but then you cannot realy compare a browser client vs standalone client.

Beware monkey boy, im out the freaking tutorial and coming to stuff you full of these cool arrows i got, your going to be my pin cousin, aaaah im a level 2 woodcutter, yeaa :).
Next Guild Wars beta weekend, coming up starting the Friday, Feb. 4th. Preorder the game or win a pass from a fan site to get in on the action! I'll be there!
That is one cool glove, your just jealous, and im still using it. However if you are so intrested in it, i promise, i make a pair for you to.
Well after that BBQ, we went mining yesterday, apparently in the beginning you can only hit copper or tin rocks until you get better at mining.
This must be because thee rocks have some kind of jamming field that you can first break when you gain more skill at mining, wierd cause a rock is a rock to me. anyway we mined alot of ore, which i later processed in to bronze bar of which i made a hell of a lot schitmirs, which, as it turned out i could not sell to anyone i asked, bummer.
But the store will buy them for a little, and ship them to a third world country where they will melt them to plows.

Yesterday I bought a Rune scimitar for 35.000.
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EVE has come a long way since beta that's for sure. The Krath Emperium folded a long time ago I believe, the major alliances in the game right now are the Stain Empire (formerly the Stain Alliance), the Fountain Alliance, FOE, the Xetic Federation, Band of Brothers (BoB) and the Curse Alliance, although Curse Alliance folded just a couple weeks ago. The only alliance from beta that still exists is Stain.

The game isn't as empty as it once was, with over 10,000 people online at a time most days. Lots of new content too like level 4 agents, tech 2, npc complexes, dozens of new npc's, player owned stations, elite frigates, battlecruisers, heavy assault cruisers and at least 3 dozen other new ships, new ores, ice fields, superhighway gates in empire (no more 40 jump trips from Amarr to Pator), mobile warp disruptors, totally overhauled UI, autopilot.... the list goes on =P

all free too ;)

It's completely different from early beta though, lots more depth and content than there used to be.
eeeh EVE-Online free? what dope are you taking?, sure the client appears to be free but then they want a wooping 20€ for the account, followed by 15€ for a month or 11€ per month for a 12 month periode :)

but the SS are sweet...
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He probably ment that the upgrades are free. Many other mmorpg's charge for that additionally.
They say they have clear 12K simultaneous user connections a short while ago, but it does not say how large the total player base is, I wonder if they are breaking even when salery, maintaince and such have been paid.
I think you need about 20K useres before the moneymen startes to get wet pants and about 30K+ before they starts to ramble incoherently.
Yeah sorry, the expansions are free but the game costs money of course ;)

I think they were saying their active user base is around 30,000 accounts, but they don't like to talk about it or something.
ahem...uh are you guys kidding??? there is one correct reply to this post and (unless i'm wrong) i only saw it mentioned once briefly.


i played star wars galaxies and paid 15 bucks a month for it. AO is a way better game and its free.

oh and by the way since i got you here (in case you missed my other post):

I want a free mac mini. So do you. Lets work together and get one.

Just sign up for something like sample dog biscuits and then cancel it a couple of days later. Whatever. I'm not a scammer or a spammer. I'm just a guy who wants a free computer. If you think its spam then ignore it. If you want a free mac mini then sign up.

I split the original thread because Spuriousmonkey and Kunax were at the climax of hijacking it for Runescape discussion, I was tempted to drop the thread's fork into the Cesspool however it's still intune with discussion of this forums so the thread now exists as "Runscapers".

This should allow the discussion of "Free RPG's" to continue unaffected of their experience online.
At no point did me or spuriois even try to hijack this thread, thats is a complet and baseless lie. We had successfull derailed and take over the entire thread.

Ok, i behave now.... bougth a adamantium dagger, it's just so good for poking dwarfs.
Runescape doesn't suck, it rules!
My username is the same on runescape as it is on this.
Feel free to contact me!
Life is continuing pretty much as described earlier on runescape. I have been ambushed a lot by groups of PKers in the wildie. I then do a wild dash towards safety. I helps now that I am capable of the teleport spell. When you reach level 20 in the wildie i can teleport to Varrock.

It has gotten rather boring to level up on the higher levels now. You have to mine, smith, fight an awful lot to still reach a higher level. So things are losing their appeal a bit.
Did I mention shattered galaxy? Thats quite good, although if you haven't got broadband you probably won't be able to download it. It's a MMORTS.
i be willing to sell all the stuff i have in the bank for only 2 shrimps and a trout... and a few logs of wood for a fire
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