FREE Online RPGs???

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I won a contest on a fan site and got to play in one of the Guild Wars beta tests one weekend. The game was amazing, great graphics, fun gameplay, and it's gonna be FREE! Well, no monthly fee, anyway. Definitely check it out, looks like it's gonna be a killer game.
They say it's going to be free. It has happened other times. Keeping up the game servers/events eventually turns out to be very costly.
dude runescape is like crapped on by some fat rikishi
runescape SUXXX
counter strike can be good but you gotta buy it
actually, counter strike RULES :) :) :)
i dont like trials....
pristontale is weird they tell me to goto openbeta NEW in guide but my version didnt have it...
but it looks AWESOME
sumone pleez talk to me...

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you have to wait for a reply, this is a forum not a chatroom, replies may take an entire day due to the various countries people here reside in

as for counterstrike, its good to know im not alone in liking it, many have said that they would not touch it with a 10 foot stick
lol i dont think anyone is listenin to this forum anymore but is a pretty good one lol u have to download it but its free
It's not free, but you guys should check out EVE-Online. Space based MMORPG with a single shard universe (everyone who is signed up for EVE plays in the same universe). Been playing since beta myself. And all expansions are free downloads, even though hundreds of things have been added since release.
I used to play RS then stopped. Then I played Tibia ( ) and that was quite good, but became too fiddly and penalised too much for your death. Then I played Shattered Galaxies and that was cool.
Then I fixed my BF1942 installation and I'm playing that now.
I have been actually playing runescape intensively lately.

Am now a level 53 miner with some other skills, such as 44 smithing, and 24 crafting.

I am a bit addicted.

It seems to have many players of 10 years old and so. Maybe that is why I feel at home there.

And you don't need to install software on your computer. There are actually lots of people playing at work. The sentence 'now I have to go back to work' is not an uncommon one.

Today someone pretended to be from Jagex (the makers) and asked for my password. I gave him 5 times the wrong one, and every time he checked. Meanwhile I pretended to be a 10 year old kid with dyslexia and a mother who is the only source of the real password, but she is an alcoholic and beats me. He tought it was all real. I reported his ass of course.


and I made friends with a 10 year old finnish boy, that was currently at home sick.
There are EQ emulator servers. It's basically EQ, but free. Some servers are legit, others are not where they allow hacks. You can also set up your own server if you're inclined. EQ is a good game. I played it for 5.5 years. It was good because there was nothing like it at the time and it is a relaxing way to finish off a night. Think of it as interactive television, leaving the TV/radio on for background noise. Those were the days... I don't have the time anymore to try them, but I heard World of Warcraft and EQ2 are good, there may be emulator servers for those also.

Anyway, here's the EQ emulator link:

PS - I haven't played EQ in a few months, but I'm sure they still have a pretty strong player base despite the releases of WoW and EQ2. $13 a month isn't bad for all of that entertainment. You can probably pick up the original EQ + 5 or so expansions and a free month of play for $30 or so. Ain't a bad price for 5+ years of content. It'll take you at least 2 years to experience all of it, 3 or 4 if you don't play much.
CS, is not fast pase for a FPS game its only has avarage speed.

Anyway this thread is about RPG's and online rpg's at that. EQ was not the first MMOG, "best" avetised in the west yes, but that does not mean it was the only one or best :).

spuries what world do you play on
Xelios, Message "Mancer" through Eve-online sometime.

Currently I'm hanging out with a bunch of Norwegian folk that all seem friendly enough. (although if they write any Norsk, I'm lost.)

It takes a while to build up your Skill in Eve though since the higher they climb the longer they take, at least you don't have to be logged online for them to be learnt, as the ones that take 9+ days would be no fun at all.
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