FREE Online RPGs???

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A question: Does anyone know of a free multiplayer RPG that has a graphical interface?

I want to play something MMOish, with actual graphics (not that they have to be great, I just don't want to play a MUD). I beta tested (and subsequently paid-for-play on) a game called Blade Mistress, which is a pretty good little online MMO, but I got bored, because there's no spellcasting, along with other, similar limitations.

I'm not asking for "EQ but free"...but I would like something fun. Any ideas peeps?
Probably not at the scale you are asking for. Maintaining these things costs serious is highly unlikely someone would host one for free.
Sarge is right. If you really want an MMORPG, spend the 10 monthly bucks and get something good. Most that I've heard of die out quickly, or make you pay after a certain amount of time. Its very unlikely that a decent graphical one would last for long, even if you could find it. And I'm sure you'd wouldn't regret spending the money if you were really into MMORPGs
..and i might play MMORPG's with graphics if my computer could support them!!
I know of an illegal free Ragnarok online server. Only problem is that you gotta' get a special version of the client which as far as I know you can only get from the guy who runs the server, or one of the people he's let in, and it's about a gig and a half in size :/
cool skill: pristontale looks AMAZING, but I CAN'T REGISTER! the Birthday slot will ot allow me to change the day/month I was born, so I can't get an account :( I'm heartbroken!
There's a deal going on, for Anarchy Online. Free to play for 1 year (till January 1, 2006) if you register before January 15th 2005. This thread at another forum says there's no credit card needed to register, giving them your billing info is optional.

Here's the offical thing

The game doesn't look that bad, but doesn't look that great either...but for free, its hard to complain.
Free Online games are either:
-like everyone says: going to be unfree after sometime
-gets majorly updated once every century

Trust me. I've been badly disappointed on my quest to find free MMORPGs, and I don't think of spending money for anything less than what I expect (though unfortunately, my expectations are too high)
From their website "Tired of mindless shooters? Welcome to the multiplayer space combat simulation where teamwork is king!"...
Not quite a RPG but it's free.
World of Warcraft is said to be awesome. ^_^
Still not available in Europe last I heard though. :(
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