Fox Hunting

Fox Hunting is....

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British people will know of the ongoing battle about the morality of fox hunting and the government recent ban on the sport

so, is it barbaric or part of society

If you don't know what i mean by fox hunting this is a brief description

People on Horses(rich people from the countryside) chase foxes with a pack of hounds, when they find a fox the hounds rip it to shreds

If you need some persuading here are a few websites

Allow Fox Hunting -

Ban Fox Hunting -

Impartial news coverage -

What does anyone thing

also if would be nice to say where you are posting from if you don't mind
I see no need for it, if the meat and fur are not used. Is it barbaric? It is traditional to British society, which is not barbaric but is civilized;thus, it is not barbaric. Posting from Brooklyn, NY.
It isn't a very fair sport to me but I guess that's why they like to do it. Why not just play polo with their horses instead of trying to kill a fox that has no chance? This is extreme cruelity IMO and should be banned. If those that do this sort of thing want enjoyment thet could also just play soccer amongst themselves and kick their balls off!
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foxies foxies running around
rabid foxies biting their tongues

take a bite from a foxy in hunt
it won't harm
take a rabid bite!
I'm posting from the countryside here in dear old Blighty and absolutely bladdy right, fox hunters should be eaten.

Paint 'em all red, slap a tail on 'em and set the hounds on 'em - see how they like it is not only my motto, it's also a rather tasteful tattoo I have on my left buttock.

Fox Hunting is more the home counties sort of a deal. They do happen elsewhere, but thank god I don't live around the sort of arseholes that pursue it.

Don't get me wrong, when found around here are killed on sight. Where I live is an agricultural area exclusively and they do take livestock and make a mess doing it - but round these parts its done with a twelve bore and not a hooray-harry in sight.

Actually, round this part of the world if a hooray-harry were ever idiot enough to stick there nose on a farmers land they'd get the same - the english, not too well though of round these parts... ;)

Damnedest thing of it is though, I've been a bumpkin' now for the past 20 years - I've only ever seen a live fox once in all that time. Mainly when y'see them they're road kill - sad, but happens.

Back when I lived in the big city though, you'd see 'em all the time. Regular feature.
Of all of the fox hunts that are/used to be held, how many foxes were actually killed?

In the USA, we have boxing, wrestling, karate fights, football, skiing, basketball, hockey, mountain climbing, .... In all of that, how many people have been killed or injured by in those sports? Is that "civilized"?

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Parade of pervert fools.
Why not join the parade of life not death? :bugeye:
Rather opposite ends of the poles there. I did live in London for a while, so I'm aware of the issue. One thing I never found out: what's the fox population like? I mean, if they're overpopulated, then you're doing them a favor right? And I can understand a farmer sicking his dogs on anything that eats his livestock. Not that I would agree with the decision (especially if it was endangered), but I would understand.
Barbaric cruel and should be allowed

I don't think governments should have their hands in morality as much as they do.
Baron Max said:
Well, Avatar, I've asked already many foxes have been killed during fox hunts?

Baron Max
There is no difference be it ten or thousand. It's the suffering caused not the number of kills.
why does it matter how many are killed, you cant put a price on tearing a live animal limb from limb. IMO you cant put a price on any life at all.
vslayer said:
why does it matter how many are killed, you cant put a price on tearing a live animal limb from limb. IMO you cant put a price on any life at all.

So ...what do you have to say about the little mice used in medical experiments ...which help scientists create drugs in order to save human lives? Can't put a price tag on the little mice???? No price??

How about people who kill roaches and termites? Aren't those live animals, too? Are you against killing roaches and termites?

Please get real! Reality just fucks up those tiresome "idealisms" all the time. Idealism is for the young people who haven't experienced much of life.

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