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Is there a way of seeing contribution rates during a given period?

Recently someone suggested (perhaps facetiously, perhaps not) that there are only about 7 active contributors. Until that point, I had assumed SciFo was a bustling, thriving community of myriad posters. But now I see it slightly differently, noticing most of my convos revolve aroud a limited set. (Of course, that might be my choice of interests).

I don't really need to see specific names, I just wonder what the distribution curve is like (I'm sure it's a "long tail" curve).
I had assumed SciFo was a bustling, thriving community of myriad posters.
That is interesting Dave as I thought near opposite.
Looking at the new post display gives an impression that a lot is happening but if you look at the rate of new OPs, at least for me, the impression is the activity is rather slow.
I would like to see figures that show the rate of new posts for each sub forum.
I do think it is only a few who "carry" this place.

The problem is, this includes web crawler bots (there are a lot) and non-registered visitors. As an example, right now:

Members Online Now
Total: 392 (members: 16, guests: 341, robots: 35)

So we have 16 registered members, 341 guests, and 35 visitors that we know are bots of some sort. The other 341 guests, I couldn't tell you who or what they are.

Also, anyone using public computers will show up multiple times (each IP instance), and folks on Cell Phones will show up many dozen times when not at home, as their IP changes frequently (upon restart, every so many days, and is likely to change any time you cross from one cellular tower to another).

So going just by unique IP hits to the site isn't really a good indication of "activity".
You can look at the site traffic at any given time. There are many more unregistered viewers (who can't post) and only a few registered members on at any one time.

If you look at who starts each thread you will see this is limited as well (especially in certain sub-forums). If you come here at certain times and post or start a thread and wonder why there seems to be so little interest and then look at the site traffic, you will see that there is "no one" here to join in the discussion.