Food, Sex, and Tribe...

Domesticated animals, for which reward do you perform?

  • Fast food. I'm a sucker for cheese burgers and the golden arches.

    Votes: 1 8.3%
  • The promise of sexual gratification throws up my tail feathers.

    Votes: 7 58.3%
  • I am concerned about what others think of me.

    Votes: 1 8.3%
  • All of the above.

    Votes: 3 25.0%

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Hi all,

I don't know, Rip. I'm under the impression drugs haven't been that much of a problem in the Asian American community and that the use of opium was sort of historic. As for the tri-ads, again, my impression is that they still have control and are not directly involved with the drug scene. It's too bad the mafia didn't stay clear of it too. And, I don't think a lack of cultural identification is an issue in the matter. I'd have to say, Asian Americans are still in closer contact with their culture than other ethnic groups, even the young ones, particularly the females.

Hey, what's with the big cutback in the military - that big a cost problem? From what I hear the Navy is being cut back quite a bit too.

Hell, I didn't realized we'd (the US that is) exported one of our more patriotic, god fearing, hate groups to your neck of the woods.

Hang in there, the best is yet to come.
hey all :)

well i dont think it is exclusively the usa as much as the people in the usa feel more comfortable expressing their biggotry!
as i think you would agree.
i have met quite a few people in new zealand that are extremely racist and from allot of different cultures!
it is not a black and white issue :) pun intended as not to be one!
i have never met a white, black, yellow or red person!
or grey that i remember :D

but if we need to make demons then we can change what others cant see to setup the fear ready to reject the different to maintain our fragile egos and worshippers :D

upgrading grunts! cutting all others!

cultural identity- i meant that the govt survey of the people in the usa might not have been designed to accept them as a cultural representation and maybe the stronger family ties of the eastern society helps the abuse to be more short term and less varied in drug type...???
u k ? (follow what i mean?)

# society Vs tribe now theres a thought ??? comments.........?

groove on all :)
Hi, you'all

I'd say they were more comfortable years back. Now-a-days, unless you're still living up in the hills, you give a nod to what's PC and only express youself freely with friends. But then, hasn't that always been the way in repressive societies (including most of the known world)?

And I think you hit it right Rip: 'I have never met ... a person', the operative word being 'person'. Even in the old South the 'house niggers' were treated differently from the 'field niggers' - you don't interact directly with the one group, your overseer (sometimes a Black) does. So how can you get to know them as 'persons'?

Aye, and we do need to create demons - how else would we feel justified in hating 'those others'? Just stick a lable on them, one that oft times makes them seem really different from us, and feel oh so comfortable hating them. After all, look at how different they are. But then, you wouldn't see that ... you're trying to see a person.

I think the saddest bit is the way we count our citizens every ten years. Good god! If you only counted heads how would you know how to draw the lines, how to color your pitch, and Balkanize the population?

I really think we/they is genetic, so who am I to disagree?