Foley's Follies

Discussion in 'World Events' started by S.A.M., Sep 30, 2006.

  1. Bells Staff Member

    I guess Foley will most probably get away with it because he knew the law inside out and he knew just how far he could go before he breached it.

    Baron, if you do not have a problem with a 52 year old man trying to get into the pants of children, and doing all he can do it but just stopping short (or managing to stop it so he doesn't get caught), then that is your perogative. Maybe you partake in that kind of thing as well and so will find every excuse you can to defend it, who the hell knows. But it seems you, who is always upset when your hard earned tax dollars isn't being put to good use, have been duped. Because your tax dollars have been paying for a 52 year old pervert to try and use his position, wage and privileges to get off hitting on teenagers. Hell he's even gone so far as to cyber during a voting session in Congress. But hey, again, if you're into that kind of thing, of course you're not going to have a problem with it.

    You tell me. You think it is inappropriate for anyone to have sex unless they're doing so to have a child. But Foley sending emails and text messages to a child discussing the length of the kids penis and whether he was horny or not, and how he wants to take those pants off him and help him relieve himself of his 'horniness', hell that's fine as far as you are concerned. Not inappropriate or bad at all. After all, as far as you are concerned, it's all good as long as 1) he does not get caught and 2) if he does get caught, as long as he has gone as far as he can have but has not broken the law.

    And again with the witch hunts? Salem was not about 'inappropriate' behaviour you ignorant fool. It was about religious nutters who had had some bad wheat and who assumed that anyone who was slightly different or who say for example had a birthmark, was somehow a witch and therefore should be put to death.

    Hey again, if you think it's fine for a 52 year old man to send children emails asking for naked photos of themselves, penis measurements, discussing the kids penis length and asking them to measure it for him, asking them if he's making them horny and wishing he could take their pants off, is not somehow 'inappropriate' for you, then you obviously approve of said behaviour. If you think that a political party trying to hide such actions by one of their members, all the while touting family and religious righteousness as being the norm or what is right and appropriate, then that is again your prerogative. If you think that an elected member of Congress should be able to use the tax dollars he's paid with to send children such emails and messages, again, good for you. However, it would seem that you are in a minority. Because anyone in their right mind would see such actions and behaviour as being not only inappropriate but also down right sick and disgusting.

    What does that have to do with this issue? How does a girl wearing a skimpy outfit have anything to do with a 52 year old man hitting on kids on the internet?

    Refer to above as to how this is related to the present discussion.

    Again, how does a girl going to a party to give a boy a blowjob have anything to do with the present discussion. No not everyone will agree on what is appropriate and what is not. However I can say it's a pretty safe bet that the majority of people think that what Foley has done is inappropriate and kind of sick and perverted. Unless that person is Baron it seems.

    LOL! You really want me to delve into your posting past in here and from some other forum you have participated in and remind you of all the crap you've come out with against people's rights even if the law is on their side? Trust me Baron, you do not.

    Read through this thread Baron and read through the opinions of people in the papers in regards to this issue. You appear to be the only one defending Foley. That says a lot about you Baron.
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  3. Baron Max Registered Senior Member

    Fuck you, you rotten, no good, flithy, stinkin' cunt!!!! I hope your cunt gets infected, rots and then painfully falls out onto the sidewalk and thousands of pedestrians walk all over it!

    Fuck you, you stinkin' bitch don't know how to care on a discussion without being using nasty, rotten, fuckin', personal accusations!!!! ...just like you're doin' against Foley and probably others!!

    Fuck you!!

    Baron Max
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  5. Bells Staff Member

    My my. Look how defensive you are...

    So what Foley has done is wrong after all huh?
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  7. Baron Max Registered Senior Member

    Fuck you, Bells! I hope your cunt rots and falls out!

    Personal accusations in post is supposed to be a no-no here, just like you claim writing emails is a no-no .....but you abide by one, disregard the other. Fuck you, you flithy cunt.

    and I supose I'll get banned for this, ....then you can spout your bullshit without anyone to disargree. And your witch hunt will be successful at sciforums!!!

    Baron Max
  8. Bells Staff Member

    Ah so you really do not approve of what he has done?

    And what have I accused you of Baron? You have defended Foley right from the start, so the next logical question would have been why. To defend what he has done would be to approve of what he has done Baron. That is something I have been trying to get through to you throughout this thread, and something you have kept on missing.

    As to your being banned, I do hope you do not get banned. After all, who would defend Foley then?

    In regards to your language and overblown reaction, again, I expected it from you. I never expected you to behave any differently as you have behaved as such in the past. As to my reproductive organs falling out and rotting, how nice of you to say so. It's nice to see that I had been right about you all along.
  9. Baron Max Registered Senior Member

    Fuck you, Bells!!!! Has your rotten, stinkin' cunt fallen out yet?!

    Go on about your fuckin' witch hunt, you flity cunt! I ain't readin' your stinkin', accusational, inaccurate fuckiin' "added hominy" post no fuckin' more! Fuck you!

    Baron Max
  10. Neildo Gone Registered Senior Member

    LoL, geez..

    Anyhow, I hear Foley is moving to the Netherlands and plans to run as head candidate for their pedophile party..

    - N
  11. Bells Staff Member

    LOL indeed. Seems that any question as to why he kept saying sending sexual emails to children, isn't really that bad, is kind of a bad thing after all. My guess after that diatribe is that he votes Republican.

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    Anywho, back to Foley and his party's idiocy..

    Hmm ok, so the email he said he'd originally seen sent to the Louisiana teenager contained some comments that even the child had found to be 'sick' and disturbing enough that he forwarded the email to Alexander. And yet Reynolds failed to look further into it? Trying to pass the buck onto others saying he'd assumed that they were looking into it does not count.

    Had they reacted then and there and forced him to resign then and there, and at the very least removed him from co-chairmanship of the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children, their voters and the public in general would have probably applauded them. By hiding what Foley had done and trying to stop it from getting out into the public, they have only shown that they were soley concerned with their very position in power and cared nothing for what Foley had done. They wanted this to stay hidden and in doing so, would have happily allowed Foley to continue on his merry way, all while turning a blind eye and pushing their families first agenda to the general public. They had the chance to take the moral high ground but ignored it to save their own political hide, resulting in their now facing a huge voter backlash from the very families they were trying to woo.
  12. mountainhare Banned Banned

    Wow, just wow. You make comments such as that, and when Baron is successfully baited, he's the one who is banned. Unbelievable.

    Quite simply, you're engaging in a whopping straw man. Baron Max wasn't 'defending' the behaviour that Foley has been accused of, but merely questioning the legitimacy of your logic. Even though Baron Max is a complete asshole, your post was a deliberate attempt to bait. I'm surprised that the mods couldn't see this. Then again, I guess it's hard to see anything when you have your nose buried in the collective asscracks of certain veterans on this forum.
  13. Billy T Use Sugar Cane Alcohol car Fuel Valued Senior Member

    I disagree. He is only "half assed" - half the time he is refereshingly direct, blunt etc.

    PS to BM - with friends like me to defend you, what else could you wish for?

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