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Have there been many giant dragonfly sightings?

When I was around nine years old me and my two sisters watched a dragonfly with a body about half a metre long circle around our backyard just above the height of our bungalow (in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada). When we told our mom about it, she just said it must've been a toy plane shaped like a dragonfly. It looked quite naturally an insect to me, and it made no sound. Would a dragonfly of that size make or not make noise in flight? Can toy remote controlled planes be soundless?

I have seen a large dragonflys before, I live near a large country park with 2 huge lakes and extensive reed beds so if there were an ideal place for dragonfly and damselfly spotting, thats it (you can tell the difference between the 2 by observing how it holds its wings when resting, if it can flod its wings back along its body it's a damsel).

The largest dragonfly I observed was in Cosmeston Lakes Country park had a wingspan of at least 1/2 a meter skimming over the surface of the lake about 3 metres from the bank. It was brownish yellow in colour and apart from its size quite unremakable. I have also seen a lot of large damselflys, which are now a regular sighting every time we have a hot summer. Was it a paticully long hot summer when you saw your large dragonfly, Laphip?
Giant Dragonfly Encounter in Eastern Kansas

I was driving east on I-35 in eastern Kansas one hot and sticky summer day, my ‘67 Mustang rumbling across the heatwaves, windows down, my hair blowing in wind, when something moving near a billboard on the right side of the highway caught my attention. A giant dragonfly, I mean absolutely breathtakingly huge and just beautiful, perfectly and utterly gorgeous, hovered in the air - rather like a modern dragonfly (most species of which don’t exceed a few inches in span), but much bigger than anything known to exist today. I’ve generally thought of it as having a 3 to 5 feet wingspan.

Whatever its size, surely such a dragonfly either exists in a parallel dimension or lives discreetly on our planet, well hidden from modern prying eyes. It looked a bit like this:


No joke, I did a double take, triple take, whatever. I looked as long as I could, which was too short for satisfaction - just a couple of seconds.

Years later I was somewhat surprised to learn that fossils of this (or a similar) species, from 260 million years ago, were found in the 1960s near Elmo, Kansas - not all that far from where I caught a glimpse of a giant, “extinct” dragonfly hovering near the highway.


I live near dallas tx. I saw a dragonfly in north dallas that was at least ten to twelve inches in length (body). I was wondering what kind of dragonfly this was.
I saw a giant dragonfly type of creature when I lived in Utah. It was about five years ago. I stood looking out of my living room window that looked out onto the street. I looked up the street first and then down. The sky was very grey that day, it looked like a storm was coming. As I looked down the street for about four seconds, I got a glimpse of this beautiful slow flying (almost as if it was in slow motion) creature that was about 6 feet long with a huge wing span. It was flying just above the height of the roofs of the houses across the street. It had very fine wings that were blues and violet colors like a dragonfly. I did not take my eyes of it, but as I say it vanished in seconds. I had a look every day to try and see it again, but never did.
OK. I’m not very good at this corresponding on the Web. However, after reading your account, (I stumbled upon your site by accident) of seeing a huge dragonfly in Kansas I was reminded of my sighting of the same thing in Georgia several years ago while my wife and I were on vacation there. Here’s how it goes: I was standing on the deck of our motel when I noticed a huge (and I mean huge; probably 4-6 feet long with a 2-3 foot wingspan) moving across my line of sight about 50′ or so from me going from my right to my left toward a bunch of trees. The wings were not at all moving very quickly which at first surprised me. It just gracefully flew over to the left of my vision field and then it was gone. A time span of probably 8-10 seconds. I looked intensely, but could no longer see it. So, I looked around some more thinking maybe there were some more of these. But that was it! Afterwards I asked some of the locals about my sighting, thinking that maybe in that area of the mountains of Georgia there were oversized dragonflies like that flying around. But everyone said they had never seen anything like that. So…whatever it was, I don’t have a clue! All I know is, I saw it plain as day and I’m not some nut or on drugs… or whatever. ......Or maybe, as you say, these huge dragonflies aren’t as extinct as we think they are. But it sure was strange how it seemed to just vanish after it got to the left side of my line of sight.
That sounds like an amazing experience, i too have had interesting encounters with dragonflies. around my house there is a breed of dragon fly that always flies in large groups of 50 or more. me being very interested in talking to animals found that the dragon flies actuially spoke to you in there own language if you give it a chance! What i do is go outside and walk very slowly and calmly to ware you believe the gragon flies are, do not make eye contact as they assume that means you are going to attack and they will stay away from you. unfocus your eyes and stare in the direction of several but never one in particular. after a while you fill find them getting closer and closer to you as they watch your eye movements. when they get just out of arms reach is the most important part, when they fly at or near your face its because they are testing you. almost like asking you if you will attack, do not track them as they cross your vision and soon you will have a whole lot of them diving at your face haha. anyway once you’ve gained there trust then you can attempt to look at them, but only for a moment, then look away to show them you are just watching. Once you get really in tune with what they what you can push your limits a bit and see how much theyll let you do. if you single one out and glance at it for a bit they might even fly to you and dance for you! I have yet to have one trust me enough to land on me, but i dont think that would be impossible with time… they very smart creatures i tell you. coming into contact with a large species would be truely amazing, and it wouldnt at all catch me off gaurd if a species of large dragonfly were indeed alive and just too visuially on top of things to be deticted
This is the first time I’ve seen a collaboration of posts where someone has seen something like I have. I was only about a child, maybe 4 years old (11 years ago). I remember seeing a giant dragonfly on my back porch vividly, it was around 4-6ft long, it was about 10 inches away from me as it landed, I was so terrified that I ran back inside. I told a couple of people but nobody really believed me. After reading these, I know what I saw wasn’t a hallucination. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada if this information is relevant.
I saw a 2 foot dragonfly once, it was blue and I was in Vancouver visiting my grandma, that’s why I found your article, to see if anyone else had seen one.
When I was 10 years old playing at a neighbors yard with friends in the summertime a giant dragonfly came flying between the houses. The children ran into the garage being scared. I stood fascinated as I have always loved insects. The creature seemd at least a wingspan of 2 feet or so. It hovered above me turned and flew away. I had always fished in ponds & lakes. This creature was not normal…beautiful..l was surprised other people have seen this beautiful this day I remember…
Yes, you couldn't make it up. It's one of the qualities which makes me think that there's actually some genuine merit behind these claims.

That it explains alot. You are essentially claiming that the more absurd the claim, the more believable it is.