First Race-Specific Medication


FDA approves first race-specific medication

Studies found drug benefited blacks, not general population

•FDA Recommends Approval of BiDil for CHF in African-Americans
An FDA advisory panel recommended today that BiDil, a new heart failure drug, should be approved for African Americans.

Updated: 8:28 p.m. ET June 23, 2005
WASHINGTON - The heart failure drug BiDil was approved Thursday by government regulators for use by blacks. It will be the first medication marketed for a specific racial group.

The Food and Drug Administration called the approval a step toward “the promise of personalized medicine.”

But some medical experts say there could be a downside to approving medicine for specific races of people.

“There are many, many who claim these use of (racial) categories may not have any biological meaning, only social meaning, and basing medical decisions on them may be problematic,” said David Magnus, director of the Stanford Medical Center for Biomedical Ethics.

For example, Magnus said, researchers could also look at whether a particular drug worked more effectively on Catholics than Protestants. The more categories explored, the more likely one can find data showing that one category of people is helped more than the others when it comes to a particular medicine, he said.

“But the more we know genetically, the more we know these social categories don’t correspond to genetic groups,” Magnus said.
Cottontop3000 said:
Yes, I do. J.B., what will this new drug mean to you? Are you excited?
It is just more clear proof of the many different human species.
J.B said:
It is just more clear proof of the many different human species.
Is it?

Also, just how many human species are there? Let's just assume there is more than one human species: What does this new drug mean to you? You posted someone else's story in your OP, but you didn't say what it means to you. It is an interesting article, in more ways than one, but what do you think about it? That, to me, is one of the interesting things about this thread, and the article.
J.B said:
It is just more clear proof of the many different human species.
Rubbish. :rolleyes: By definition all humans are the same species – we can all interbreed, we have the same karyotype, same C-value, same developmental program, same gestation period etc.
Hercules Rockefeller said:
Rubbish. :rolleyes: By definition all humans are the same species – we can all interbreed, we have the same karyotype, same C-value, same developmental program, same gestation period etc.

Don't make it easy for the lad. Let him do the work. :eek:
Hercules Rockefeller said:
Rubbish. :rolleyes: By definition all humans are the same species – we can all interbreed,
One of the main ways scientists separate animals into different species is by the ability or inability of animals to mate and procreate. Thus, in our paragraph concerning Gibbons (number 3, above), members of any one of the four species of Gibbons, apparently can't mate and procreate with members of any of the other four species of Gibbons. The problem with this method of categorizing species is that its basic mate/can't mate premise is often proved wrong, and the literature abounds with examples of Tiger/Lion type matings. It may also be, if we wish to speculate, that humans are actually of several different species, even though they can mate between the different groups. "Race," as you may know is just a fancy term for sub-species in humans, and sub-species are groups that have diverged from the main species and are on their way to separate species status, provided, usually, that they are isolated in a breeding population away from the rest of the original species.
Hercules Rockefeller said:
we have the same karyotype, same C-value, same developmental program, same gestation period etc.
Race differences show up early in life. Black babies are born a week earlier than White babies, yet they mature faster as measured by bone development.
As usual, J.B., you're throwing out someone else's work in an attempt to hide the fact that you hold extremely racist and biased views. Who gives you your talking points? What do you have to contribute other than pre-packaged garbage, wrapped up as "science," provided by other racists for you to disseminate? Why don't you make an effort to put the propaganda down and find a black, brown or yellow-skinned friend for a change? Why don't you give yourself a second chance and see the errors of your ways? I can assure you, the path you are headed down is going to lead to nothing but death or imprisonment, unless your not even brave enough to confront someone with your own views, which is probably the case.
What Hercules said; the belief in Human races isn't even moot since the conclusion of the HGP. It is settled science that "we are our genes" and our genes are, objectively, practically indistinguishible. It is a matter of scientific fact that there is more genetic variation within most ethnic subgroups than between them.

Therefore, selectively grouping ourselves and others exclusively by arbitrary phenotypes which we "prefer" is subjective and unscientific at best; and illogical and ethically reprehensible at worst.

NEW drugs come along all the time... most of them are not good for you...

i have little doubt that many black people will suffer... its experimentation...
plain and simple...

approved for blacks...

means.. hea.. why not.. try it out on blacks.. and lets see what happens.

i wont use any drug that has not been widely used for atleast 10-20 years...

if i had gone to the doctor for my rhuematism...
they would have put me on viox.. or celebrex...

both of which could of killed me.

i dont trust doctors any farther than i can throw them...

they are all practicing... on us.

if i was black... id be very disturbed...



doctors where all prescibing drugs (hormones) for womens menopause... untill..

5- 10 years later.. they realised it caused cancer...

gee.. what a fucked up way to learn.

Since when has my blood been red? Since the last time that my own stupidity, or, that of some individual willing to lend a hand, caused my skin to be punctured and enabled me to take a look.

For a long time I have taken the attitude that every human is a brother and a sister and I really dislike seeing any attempt to create any more division than there already is. Why does anyone think that there is not already too much unnecessary "racial" trouble?

Just for the record, the last time that I unexpectedly and unnecessarily checked my blood color, it was with the assistance of a nut case doped up driver of my own "race".

However, in response to the thread, since there are "racial" genetic differences, I am totally in favor of any action that will help the health of any group of my brothers and sisters, regardless of any kind of "racial" classification.
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This drug takes advantage of statistical analysis as a basis for their scientific and medical explaination of why it is beneficial to blacks.

I think, since different ethnics have the genes that make them look different, it is certainly possible for them to have genes that causes differing physiology/body chemistry/etc. However, I think it is still important that statistical correlation should not be mistaken or simplified as an absolute.

For example, it is true that 'caucasians' are taller than 'south asians', however that is not to say that all south asians are short or that all caucasians are tall. So it would be a mistake for Nike to market a shoe for 'south asians' (smaller sizes) because the statistics suggests that correlation. It would be possible that some south asians are tall and wont fit in the marketed shoe, or there would be caucasians who are short and would be more suitable for those shoes. What Im saying is, statistical 'sterotypes' should be used with caution because I think every case needs to be identified on a case by case basis.

Back to the drug bidil, I think physicians need to take caution in the prescription/application of these drugs. I think the patient should be identified and tested on a personal case by case basis to prove the patient has nitric oxide deficiencies so they will benefit from the drug before prescribing the drug to them. It is my opinion that it will be unethical and shallow for physicians to blindly prescribe this drug because their patient is african american. Although, it is my opinion that given the marketing/media exposure, that physicians/patients will, glady prescribe/ask for, these drugs.