First human clone 8 weeks old.


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This guy he has been described as crazy, stupid, careless, irresponsible. Some believe he is the only one with the guts to do what is right in advancing technology.

Is he full of himself and looking only for popularity over benefiting mankind, or is he the one being burned for claiming the sun stands still?
I think it's beautiful. Fantastic. I hope all goes well. If not, I hope they learn enough to make future attempts more successful.
I think it is horrible, reckless and irresponsible.
We dont know that much about reproductive biology, let alone genetics. They cant even clone another animal completely successfully. They have tried to clone primates, but have had all sorts of trouble getting them to develop, if they do, they are deformed. This is far too early. The scientist doing it is doing it for publicity and personal gratification purposes, that is all.
I think this guy is looking for his 15 minutes of fame. At this point in our evolution, both mental and physcal, cloning is a really bad idea. We do not understand our genetic code to go tinkering and messing with cloning. If it is true it will probably end in complete failure.
Contacted by telephone on Saturday, Antinori told Reuters "I am not talking to journalists." Dr Ehab Kelada, clinical director at the London Fertility Centre, said Antinori must clarify the report immediately. "The scientific community will be very alarmed," he told Reuters.
Apparently, this is an unsubstantiated report, and should probably treated with extreme skepticism. There are 5000 couples involved, and no previous word has emerged; there is no independent corroboration. I agree with the "15 minutes of fame" theory. We will find that there is no live birth, the parents will refuse an autopsy that could prove a cloning, etc.

Additional information on Dr. Severino Antinori.

If it is, im sure he will have 15 min of fame and be soon forgotten. Will this lead to more experiments on huuman cloning tho? Will he inspire others by his failure?

But what if he dosent fail, and she gives birth to a healthy child? What will happen then? How will this child live?
I fully believe that there are cloned human specimens on the planet as I type. We must all realise that this Pandora's box is open and that the race cannot be expected to unlearn the methods and lessons that led to other successful clonings of mammals. With this in mind, and given the undoubted benefits that there would be for human medicine from this work, should we not accept the inevitable and put aside our reservations (particularly where these worries are based on anachronistic religious ideals) to allow this work to be kept in the public eye and monitored?
I have mixed feelings about this. On the other hand this could be very benefetical for mankind... and yet at the same time I think that we could take this a bit more slowly.
I mean what´s the rush?

But as Doctor Zavos' said, those who waited and said that it´s not the time yet, did not land in the moon first. So is that it? Selfish ambition to get into the history books?

If... when cloning becomes just like artifical insemination, I wonder how it will change our society.

I´m still kinda sitting in the fence, cannot quite decide that should I resist or support this... huge leap or terrible mistake, whatever it will become.
As I said, as long as these areas of research are vilified by people (who in the main do not comprehend the bigger picture) then those working in this field will continue to operate underground- which does none of us any good.

Note to Yang's_Matrix The time for sitting on the fence is over. As your own signature points out, "one cannot stay in the cradle forever"
At this point in our evolution, both mental and physcal, cloning is a really bad idea. We do not understand our genetic code to go tinkering and messing with cloning. If it is true it will probably end in complete failure.

Humans don't evolve mentally. That's pretty obvious.

Anyways, I'd just like to say that yes, there are risks involved. The clone might be deformed. The clone might suffer. But how is this any different from "natural" conception? There's always risks in pregnancy. The child might end up deformed or handicapped or retarded. And, of course the child might suffer.

It's merely a matter of probabilities. And we don't know the probability of failure with cloned children until we have some data to go on. How many people die as a consequence of genetic disease every day? Do we, knowing that we'll be able to reduce that number at some point in the future, institute a ban on all natural conception untill that time? Maybe we should?
Always 'tröckener kecks'

Don't you guys know that kloning is already long established?
They just need this to 'tap' in to the etics conciousness of the people, free the way: and to asses once more : the motion that the public has,...
It's all being taken care of,...why you guys so surprized,...?

my advice to you all: don't run behind the facts,...
get ahead
frankly, it was bound to happen, there will be mistakes, there will be deformaties, they will be explained as errors, the clones side-lined as sub-human, even the mothers are reported to fear their clone children will be treated as "monsters".

the fact is, it has been thought of, it shall be done, man is a pioneer of life and plunges forward regardless, if he did have regard, then nucleur bombs would not have been created after the mass distruction of Hirosheema. today, the purpetrators of that inhumane crime have the largest numbers of nukes around, and still try and convince the world that THEY should not have any, that another country with a maniacal leader would missuse it, but not they, they who hv already used it (of course for a REALLY good reason).

same thing here, the honest doctor says its for the advancement of medicine and human development, i say it too shall be used for destructive purposes, (after all, if possible, create armies of the critters, they are sub-human after all).

religiously, i say this, if there is a God (and i personally think so, in some form or another), and he/she is omniponent, and gave us a brain, and allowed us to use it, then, he/she would also know that we would attempt, at some point, cloning. what we do with it... is our choice.. a choice most often than not used to destructive forces.

remember, it is our ability to choose that differs us from other animals.